Monday, September 4, 2017

The Mask SoHo - Bleecker Street

You know there's only one place in the city I frequent to get my K-beauty fix and that is The Mask Bar. I've practically followed them since they first opened in K-town, the Broadway store at SoHo, moved to Howard Street, and finally now, in their new location at Bleecker Street.

The Mask Bar is the best place to go if you love Korean skin care. Of course there are other competing stores littered around New York that sells K-Beauty products as well but I feel like The Mask Bar has more brands and is more decently priced in comparison to those shops. Believe me, I've gone to those places too and I still go back to The Mask Bar over and over again.

Their newly opened store is located at 259 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014. If you have been to the one in Koreatown, this has a very similar feel to it, although the theme of the store is white and mint green (which I totally dig - me and mint green have a love affair), and the previous store was white and blue. 

The store is pretty easy to find and is a block away from the A-B-C-D-E-F-M on West 4th Street, a couple blocks away from the Christopher St,. and 9th St. PATH and is part of the West Village - which means, close to NYU and all the restaurants around the area.

The Mask Bar, as the name implies, carries different kinds of masks, from your typical sheet masks, to the modeling clay masks, jelly mask, gold masks, mesh masks, bubble masks and more! My favorite brands are in here too: Leaders, Mediheal and SNP! On that note, both Leaders and Mediheal boxes are BOGO for $35. That is a steal since a single mask retails for $3.99 and a box has 10 masks. You're already paying for one box if you buy 10 individual sheet masks. 

Raved about these cute animal masks two years ago: SNP Animal Sheet Mask Review

If you're into Pokemon, they got 'em too, coz you know, gotta catch 'em all! This entire line is by Tony Moly and if you're lucky, you'd find a Squirtly makeup bag in the store too!

Tony Moly has a cute Panda theme going on too on their makeup department. Panda mirrors, contour sticks, lip crayons and hand creams are available.

They carry Innisfree too from skin care to make up. You know the No-Sebum Mineral Powder that has been highly raved about? They have it and in cute Emoji packaging too!

You can find some Club Clio and PeriPera in the store too. Of course, they don't have the complete line in comparison to the ones that you'll find in Club Clio stores but hey, if you're at The Mask Bar and you want to try on the Peri's Ink and Ink Velvet, feel free to do so!

Amidst all the other brands they carry, I'm excited the most about the sheet masks which I've mentioned above and It's Skin. It's Skin is a brand that I have talked about previously (It's Skin Prestige BN Cream Ex) and looking back on old posts, I'm quite surprised I haven't talked about it more. It's one of my favorite brands when it comes to Korean skin care and their Prestige line is slightly pricy. But, don't be too sad, their Power 10 Formula line is affordable and will really help boost your skin. The Power 10 Formula is a serum that enhances skin condition based on skin type and skin problem. There's 13 serums in this line and I have yet to try them all out but I am trying to make my way through it. Photographed below are 10 of the 13 and if I'm not mistaken, the store has the complete set. 

The Mask Bar also carries the slightly pricier It's Skin line, the Prestige D'escargot (snail line). They also have some it's skin Babyface color correctors in this cute angel packaging.

Who can forget the viral bubble masks from Elizavecca and the highly feared about Hell-Pore Mask? If you want to try those, The Mask Bar have them in store too! My favorite is actually the Milky Piggy Gold Kansi Mask (not photographed) but they are available at The Mask Bar as well.

Etude House is probably one of the most well known Korean beauty brand and it comes to no surprise that they are in the store as well albeit fewer than I would like.

Let's not forget the men because they need skin care too! The Mask Bar has a small section on men's skin care products which, just by the packaging, looks cool and fresh and I personally want to try out. It wouldn't be the first time for me using a male marketed skin care product. The last one I tried I actually really loved!

Here's a slightly incomplete list of the brands that The Mask Bar carries: 

Holika Holika
Too Cool for School
On The Body
Tony Moly
Dr. Jart+
Club Clio
Peri Pera
Etude House
Nature Republic
It's Skin
JayJun Cosmetics
Banila Co.
Papa Recipe

Before I end this slightly lengthy and a bit picture heavy post, here are the ongoing promotions at The Mask Bar:

BOGO on Mediheal and Leaders Masks for $35
$10 for 10 (select) sheet masks
$10 for 6 sheet masks on Innisfree
$10 for 6 sheet masks on Tony Moly
BOGO on Tony Moly Aloe Gel for $10

Take a peek inside The Mask Bar on Bleecker Street and find some lovely skin care goodies. I'm sure your skin would love you! Follow The Mask Bar on Instagram @themaskbar.bleecker. If you ever drop by the store, look for Jen (@jaeyoonvoice) and tell her I sent you. Jen is very sweet and informative so if you have any questions about the products or skin care needs you can ask her. 

Take a peek at The Mask Bar official website too for more info!

Lastly, I would like to thank fellow bloggers who came to the store on the soft opening and grand opening days of The Mask Bar Emily of @followthejung, Sharmaine of @xharpism, Crysta @colorsofcrysta and Zoe of @zoebernstein.