Monday, August 28, 2017

East Coast Blogger Date

Rowena, Suki, Alice, Kim, Crysta, Sharmaine
Emily, Me

Being on the internet, I follow both big and small social media influencers - YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers. It made me think, how fun it would be to live their lives. I envy them. Well who doesn't when they have thousands of following and they are globe-trotting and here I am, past my mid 20s and still struggling career-wise. 

I have been blogging for quite awhile now - 6 years to be exact. I have been on other social media platforms and the main one that I update fairly regularly now is Instagram. It has been me, doing everything for all these years. Hence, the lack of upload and content for a good 3-4 weeks at a time because sometimes, life gets in the way.  It has been fun the last six years writing about beauty (I have also began to expand my content on Instagram to sneakers - refer to FTLOS post) and working with brands here and there but there is a bigger picture and after being a lonesome wolf, it is time for me to find a pack and mingle more and interact with people who shares the same interests and passions. When I was approached and was given the opportunity to join an East Coast blogger meet up, I jumped on the chance.

It was July 30th when I met up with these incredible ladies who are really go-getters. All in different industries but are the people to follow on the gram and on their own blogs for beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. 

Emily @followthejung is the person we should thank for for this meet up. She hosted and organized mostly everything. She has her own blog Follow the Jung. She's very versatile and she writes about practically everything along the lines of food, beauty and lifestyle. She's such a beauty too and you'd see her cute and bubbly personality on her IG. 

Suki @sukinyc is such a fun babe. NYC Yelp Elite, she loves food and I'm envious on how she manages to keep her slim figure. She's the person to look for when you want a food recommendation.

Rowena @rowenatsai has over 10k followers on her YouTube channel (Rowena Tsai) she's simple and down to earth. Her videos on YouTube are absolute quality and she's the go-to girl if you want to earn some cash on the side via thrifting!

Alice @imalicekim has a wonderful Instagram. It's seriously goals with her on point flatlays and amazing food adventures! She's mellow, nice and very sweet and has so many stories to tell.

Kimberly @kimberrryyy is a jet-setter. She's a consultant who travels all over the place and has amazing fashion style. She blogs over at Love Kimber and honestly, I don't know how she manages and finds time do so in between her hectic work schedule, traveling and taking amazing photos.

Crysta @colorsofcrysta is another lady who's Instagram feed is goals and makes me wish I can take photos like that all the time. And she has the cutest corgi ever on top of that!

Sharmaine @xharpism is a blogger and photographer based in Jersey City. We instantly clicked when we met and it's probably because we're both Filipinos with hometowns quite near each other and we currently live like half a mile away from each other. She has an amazing eye for photography and fashion.

We all met up at Bacaro, a nice spot to wine and dine. We hit up Sweet Moment for dessert after seeing the long line at Soft Swerve and Morgenstern's.

Seriously though, I thought I take the longest time to take food photos but these girls take even more time but I have no problems with that! It's always a struggle eating or going with friends and family always nagging about how long and how many photos I have to take before they can eat their food so it was a breath of fresh air to find people who doesn't really care how long it took to take one awesome food porn pic.

Sharmaine, Suki, Me, Alice, Crysta

Photo Credits to Jayvee of for the photos

Would also love to thank our sponsors for the meet up: 

You'll definitely see these items on upcoming blog posts!

Hooray for meeting new friends and for having a great time with people who shares the same interests and passion. After this meet up I felt more confident about myself. My blog and I needed to grow and I think that this opportunity has enabled me to set forth on another chapter of both my personal life and blogging life.

Please stay tuned for more updates because I have more news to share in the upcoming posts.

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