Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bootay Bag - Your Monthly Bae

Put your hands up if you love monthly subscription boxes! Me over here is quite excited to share this brand new monthly subscription that I have discovered during the East Coast Blogger meet up.

Bootay Bag delivers 2 panties monthly for only $12. That's $6 a piece which is cheaper in comparison to buying them in stores where you have to pay x amount of dollars for taxes. Bootay bag undies are of high quality as well so you know that every buck you pay is definitely worth it. Add $13 and you get a bralette or you can purchase that on its own too!

It's pretty easy, head over to Bootay Bag, choose if you want a mix of cheeky panties or thongs or just cheeky or thong, add a bralette if you want and subscribe!

In my bag here I have a mix of both the cheeky panties and thong. I love both but I personally prefer thongs but this black lacy cheeky undies is giving me life right now. They are seriously so soft and silky. I'm sure your lady parts would thank you. 

And you know what's the best thing about Bootay Bag aside from getting cute and sexy undies monthly, is that every Instagram post of Bootay Bag with the #UnderMatters, the company donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

Melanoma is more often, but not always, a cancer of the skin. If left undetected, it can spread to different sites and organs and when left untreated or diagnosed late has poor prognosis and very difficult to treat.

Isn't it nice to have support a company that also gives back to the community? Check out Bootay Bag and follow them on Instagram too @bootaybag_. Do yourself a favor and don't settle for just one bae, get two each month! ;)

*This product  is sponsored and was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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