Friday, February 17, 2017

KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit Review

In doing makeup it is important to have the right tools and even with a limited number of brushes on hand you can create a full face makeup look. The KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit is a 5 piece brush kit that will help you apply your makeup flawlesslessy.

Beautifully designed in white and silver combination, these synthetic fiber brushes are perfect for travel and to add on to your brush stash.

Powder brush - rounded brush that evenly applies all types of powders (loose, pressed, mineral) with a flawless finish. This is a multi-function brush and on days where I don't use foundation, I would apply concealer on areas where I need it and finish up with a light dusting of powder. This powder brush is so soft and I find that it applies powders flawlessly and doesn't make it look patchy. The shape and roundness of the brush also is perfect for blush application especially if you have a focused area. Bronzing with this brush is also good although not for precise contouring.

Shadow brush - all around eye shadow brush for applying and blending color. This brush is thick and fluffy which is good for all over lid application and blending. I prefer using this kind of brush to apply my brow bone highlight shade or to apply a neutral shade all over the lids for easy blending. You can also use this for nose contouring which I'm very much fond of.

Smudge brush - flat headed brush with tight, short bristles for applying dark powder, cream eye shadows and pencils. An eye brush ideal for smudging. This brush is a little bit disappointing in my opinion. I wish it is a little bit thicker and stubbier. Although it has flat and has short bristles, it is on the thinner than what I would like a smudge brush to be. It has too much "give" and it honestly didn't quite give me a smudged effect when I used it as that, however, I found that I was actually a good brush for lining my eyes. Because it was thin, flat and wide, I was able to line my upper lash line without a problem.

Concealer brush - thin, round lipped brush for precise application of concealer. A very typical concealer brush, great for spot concealing and for carving out brows. Also, this can be used as a flat shader brush for application of shadows.

Eyeliner brush - a slim, finely tapered brush with firm bristles for flawless and precise application of eyeliner. A great eyeliner brush but I discovered that it is great for lip lining as well. It's tapered shape makes it perfect for sculpting the lips especially of you're applying deep shades. You can also use this brush to apply inner eye corner highlight and more spot concealing.

Brushes are not limited to what they are named for. You can definitely experiment on how to use them differently to suit your needs. Since I travel a lot I bring multi-purpose brushes to save space and I like how these KICHO Brushes are so multi-functional.  My favorite is the shadow brush just because I can apply shadow and easily blend them out with it.

Overall very happy with these brushes and it is actually the first time having white brushes that I'm OCD with maintaining them as clean as possible, which is not happening if you're using makeup everyday!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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