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Korean beauty products are really innovative and always takes it to the next level. Today's beauty product review is on First Cosmetic Mulbit Medist Vitamin Mist. 

Prettily packaged in this blue holographic box, it looks magnificent, although I was a little disappointed that both bottles inside were made of plastic and acrylic and it didn't feel high quality. Albeit everything looks good, and photo ready, it doesn't exude the quality I was expecting when it comes to the packaging. The bottle containing the tablets was very light and can easily crack if dropped. The spray bottle is a little bit better although it would have been better packaged in a thicker and higher quality material or a glass bottle. I believe that since they already put so much effort on the box packaging, it would have been better if they went all the way and did a luxurious packaging for the bottles. 

I'm sure most, if not all,  are familiar with effervescent tablets or those Vitamin C tablets that you can purchase in drugstores. It's the kind where you drop a tablet in water and it makes a fizzy vitamin drink. That is basically the whole concept of Mulbit Medist Vitamin Mist. 

Here's a step by step instruction guide on how to use this product. 

Don’t forget to re-open the cap 1-2 hour after closing it to release carbonated gas (if you close it before the tablets are melted, the spray will get ruined due to pressure

Pretty simple eh? Alright so now that we got the how to's covered, let's talk about what these pretty tablets are really all about. 

The colors of the tablets are not just for show, they actually target specific skin problems:

Green: Anti-wrinkle
Blue: Skin reproduction
Yellow: Whitening
Pink: Skin condition management

You can mix different tablets to achieve desired effect

So how was my experience with this interesting KBeauty product?

Opening up the bottle of tablets gave me quite a scare because it made an extremely loud pop. Don't remove the silica gel pack inside the bottle since this will absorb any moisture in the bottle and keep the tablets dry. 

Dissolving the tablets in water is fascinating and I felt like a little kid again on my first experience of effervescent tablets. It fizzles and bubbles. Downside, it takes quite a while for the tablets to dissolve and I pretty much used very warm almost hot water. Needless to say I was impatient to use my product. It probably didn't take as long as I made it out to be, probably less than 5 minutes but if you're excited about trying out something, 5 minutes can be quite long. 

Using the mist wasn't as amazing as I imagined it to be. It was just a regular face mist. Actually it felt more regular than anything I've ever tried before because of the fact that I know I used plain water. Although I dissolved a "vitamin tablet" in it, my mind just couldn't quite register that. It really wasn't anything special is what I'm saying. 

Specifically designed and colored tablets didn't give me any results at all and if there was any, then I didn't notice it. Perhaps 3 weeks is really not enough to get any definitive result from this product. I have tried to stretch the time I used this product before actually putting up my review just to see if I would get any results within those days but sadly I didn't get any. Maybe with long term use I will be able to see results as per tablet. 

There was a strong perfume scent to it once the tablet was completely dissolved into the water but it goes away quite fast. I'm usually sensitive to strong perfume scents on my skincare products but this one I didn't mind because it just fades away so quickly I barely noticed it. 

Good things to note about this product, it is quite a useful skin hydration solution. Applying a mist all throughout the day is very helpful to maintain skin hydration without needing to remove your makeup. It is actually easier to fix your makeup after you spritz on a little of this mist on your face. It also sets your makeup in place and makes it look less cakey and flawless although I find that it doesn't not extend the wear of it. 

I actually recommend using a tab or even half a tab with a third of the recommended water. I find that I cannot finish the entire mist in a day and it doesn't feel as good the next day of use. I personally think it is better to use a freshly made one daily so cut back the tablet and the water and use it the entire day.

I give this product a 3 out of 5. It is not amazing although it is very innovative. Priced at 49,000 Korean won ($49) that is a bit steep but is good to note that you can actually stretch the use of this product since you're using water. As I said very little to no results for the past few weeks of use so I'm a bit hesitant in recommending this product but it is good for skin hydration. Also if you are someone who uses facial mists and goes through a bottle so quickly then this is the way to go since you would actually be able to get more use from this. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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