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Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Haul, Swatches and Review

Happy Halloween! Ahhh the day where all the horror unleashes, complete with all blood and gore. Playing dress up has never been this fun for everybody, even pets! ^^ 

Anyway, today's post isn't really Halloween related. I'm putting up my small Lime Crime Velvetines haul with swatches. I've had these babies for a couple of weeks now but have been a little bit busy with other posts so I held back on putting up the post. Anyway, all but one shade in this mini haul are very fall/winter shades. 

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage for the past year with every brand coming out with their own version of a long lasting liquid lipstick. Lime Crime is probably one of the first brands that came out with a liquid lip line with their Velvetines before liquid lipsticks were ever popular. I have always liked the formula of the Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick but I've always put off buying the Velvetines because they were pretty pricey for me back then. Now that a lot of brands have them, I feel that the Velvetines, priced at $20 is an average price for these products. If I am not mistaken they used to be $16 or $18 three years ago. Still, I don't think that the current price is that much of a jump from other liquid lip prices. 

The Matte Velvetines are marketed as a long lasting, matte, liquid lipstick that has a velvet finish.


I purchased 5 of the Velvetines, three of them was from a set. If you are going to buy these lippies, I suggest checking out the Bundles since they can save you some extra $$$.  I'm going to go over swatches down below with a mini review on each shade.

True Love, Cupid and Saint is from the True Love Set. I really love this set since it has a bright pink, a pinky nude and an old rose shade which are shades that you can use throughout the year. The True Love Bundle is sold at $44. They are all full sized so you are saving $16 through the set rather than buying them all separately at $20 each. 

Wicked and Bloodmoon are sold in different bundles as well but I purchased both of them individually.

True Love is described as a matte liquid lip with a pinky red hue. On my lips, it is definitely a bright neon pink. Very comfortable on the lips and applies easily. It stays true to the description of the Matte Velvetines which is long lasting and has a velvet finish. It fills in all the cracks of my lips so it looks very seamless. True Love is on sale right now for $16.

Cupid is described to be a petal pink color. Quite accurate. On the bottle it looks more nude but on my lips it is a muted pink shade. As with True Love, it is stays true to product description although for some reason, it doesn't fill in the cracks of my lips completely. Cupid is also on sale for $16.

Saint is described as a cranberry red. This is the shade that is very different from all the stock photos from the website. On the site, it is a rich cranberry shade but this turned out to be an old rose shade on my lips. I don't hate it though. In fact, I love it and is my favorite among all the shades I got. It is a great shade to wear everyday all throughout the year since it is neutral but it still has a reddish hue that gives your lips something extra. The lip swatch above is taken with natural lighting although in person it may look deeper than that but still not as deep as the photo on the website. Among all the shades I purchased, this is the shade that is the easiest to work with. I had no problems with application and I didn't need to be so precise in my application in comparison to all the other shades which is quite understandable because this looks like an MLBB shade while the others are either too bright or deep. Saint is sold for the regular price of $20.

Wicked is described to have a blood red hue but on my lips it looks more of a cool-mid toned red. I love the shade but unfortunately it is so hard to work with. It was really difficult to apply since I have to be so precise with the application. As you can see on the lip swatch above, there are gaps on the lip line. Definitely a shade that you have to be patient with when you're using it. Wicked is also sold at the regular price of $20.

Bloodmoon is a limited edition shade that is described as the deepest blood red. Among all the shades, this is the most difficult to work with. More difficult than Wicked. It also doesn't appear as the darkest and deepest blood red shade. I also need to be precise in application with this shade. I suggest using a lip liner to make it an easier application. Also, you can definitely tell from the lip swatch that it is patchy. It is lighter in some areas and darker on the other areas. Of course, if you're not looking up close even in person, you won't be able to tell that it is patchy since this shade is still very pigmented but it irks me now since I can definitely tell. I have to go over the areas that are lighter with another coat but that is really bad idea since it gets crusty and crumbly a couple of hours after application. Bloodmoon is priced at $20.

In my experience, the Matte Velvetines generally last for a good 8 hours and more (as long as you don't eat anything oily since it would break down the lipstick) and are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks. It is waterproof, kiss-proof (unless you're full on making out! ^^) and no transfer. For brighter and deeper shades, I suggest using a lip liner to outline the lips since it is really hard to be precise. Also, use only one coat of the product since piling on layers wouldn't look too good since it gets crusty and crumbly like Bloodmoon. Carry with you a chapstick and tissue when you have to reapply after a meal so you can remove the shade first before applying it again on your lips. It is also extremely matte and although it is comfortable on the lips, your lips will really feel dry after removing it. 

If I would rate it, Lime Crime Velvetines would be my number 1 liquid matte lipstick just because of Saint and the True Love Set which are my perfect go-to shades anyway. The next brand would probably be Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip just because of it's price and color range although it is not exactly as long wearing as the Lime Crime. Third, would be the Kylie Lip Kit. It is smack down in the middle of being a good quality liquid lipstick: wear was decent, could get crumbly at times, limited color selection but it's a huge plus that it is sold with a lip liner (although I know you can get the liquid lipstick itself individually too).  Ah, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick used to be my number one liquid lipstick but in comparison to the Velvetines it is more pricey at $24 and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick would come in close to second to the Velvetines because they are both priced at $20 although the KVD doesn't wear as long as the Velvetines for me. 

What's your favorite liquid lipstick brand and shade? Would love to know so I can try it out too! 

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I hope you have a great Halloween celebration!

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