Friday, October 21, 2016

Hansaeng Cosmetics Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Cream Review

Have you heard about hanbang cosmetics? Hanbang cosmetics are "beauty products scientifically formulated with multiple herbs based on the old wisdom of traditional Korean herbal medicine which ensures synergistic efficacy and safety that help improve skin conditions." I have dipped into this subject a month ago while I reviewed the Hansaeng Cosmetics Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Essence. Hanbang can be seen as a form of holistic medicine. 

Today's review will be focused on the Hansaeng Cosmetics Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Cream which is from the same line as the essence I have previously reviewed. 

Since hanbang uses traditional Korean medicinal ingredients, the core ingredients for this cream  are as follows: six-year-old fermented ginseng, Uncaria Sinesis, Cercis Chineses, and Danhwayeon. Ginseng is considered fully ripe at 6 years and it has the densest tissue and contains the highest active ingredient called saponin. A six-year-old ginseng root is considered to be of its highest value at this age. The skin absorption power of the active ingredient is higher and more effective when the ginseng root is fermented. Uncaria sinesis is a common plant in China which is a large tropical vine. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps stabilize and soothe acne and troubled skin. Cercis Chineses or the Chinese redbud has an anti-inflammatory action that is effective in combating dermatitis. It is also an anti-oxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress and prevents aging of cells and extend the life of skin cells. Danhwayeon is a red oriental flower and provides the skin with five composite flower gloss extract by supplying the skin with moisture and nutrition. It eliminates rough skin and helps smooth it, eliminate skin endotoxin and promotes blood circulation, balances oil and moisture, protects skin elasticity, inhibits melanin synthesis enzyme activity and brightens skin tone.

Other ingredients are peony, licorice, Polygonum multiflorum root, Phellinus linteus, Mulberry root, Sophora angustifolia root, Black cohosh, Black sesame, Angelica gigas root, Paeonia lactiflora, Scutellaria baicalensis root. 

The Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Cream is packaged in the same way as the essence. It is in a weighty glass jar with a gold lid, very luxurious and would sit nicely on top of your vanity. 

This has the same flowery scent as the Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Essence although I noticed that it is not as strong as the essence. 

The cream is rich and slightly heavy on the skin. As with the essence, it doesn't sink into the skin but sits on top of it. I have seen a significant moisturizing effect although not so much with brightening in comparison to the essence. The essence and the cream does work effectively together and makes your skin nicely hydrated. 

Personally, this product is too rich and heavy for me. I do like that it is an anti-wrinkle and brightening product and I do think it is very effective. I have seen what hanbang cosmetics can do and I think the Korean beauty and skin care industry has perfected it. I have given my jar of the cream to my mom because I think her skin needs it more than I do. I'm giving this product a two thumbs up although I personally think that is better for mature skin. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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