Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wear Me Pro Addison Semi-Rimless Mirrored Sunglasses Review

I love Amazon! I mean who doesn't? It's so convenient to shop around at great prices and fast delivery. It was one of those days that I found myself just browsing around the app and I stumbled upon these cute sunnies! It was so affordable too at $9.99 that I was sucked in into buying two of them.

They arrived in pristine condition and packaged individually in their own plastic bags with the brand's logo and a mint green microfiber sleeves and the shop;s business card. I wouldn't have made a short review on these kind of things usually because I would use them right away but the business card is so pretty and the sunnies too that I can't help myself but share what an amazing find they are.

These sunnies are the Addison style semi-rimless mirrored sunglasses. They are made of plastic frames. Of course they are not high end sunglasses. They are very generic sunglasses without UV protection however they are quite well made. For a $10 fashion sunglasses, they are quite good and stylish. 

I decided to visit the Wear Me Pro website and saw they had so many more cute styles to choose from. They have sunnies for men, women and kids and they are all priced between $9.99 to about $19.99. 

I really quite enjoy these sunnies. I'm such a klutz and I would leave my sunnies behind somewhere so most of the time I'm scared to bring my more expensive sunglasses for fear of losing them. This is such a great way to up your style game without breaking the bank. They have a code SHOP20WMP for 20% off. Visit their website at

*This product is not sponsored*

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