Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream

In my last post which was all about the Homme Terrior All in One review, I mentioned that the set came with the Dynamic BB Cream so that's what's the review for today will be all about. 

You're probably thinking, "What? BB Cream for men?"  Yep. That's exactly it. Well, your everyday man might not wear BB Creams or any base makeup but some men actually do use base makeup and I'm not only talking about actors or guys that are in front of the camera all the time. In this new day and age, more men are becoming open to using women's beauty and skin care products. I think it is actually a great idea by Hwajin Cosmetics to come up with a BB Cream that is especially geared towards men since they're skin is definitely very much different than a woman's. 

The Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream is a multi functional BB Cream that aims to take care of men's skin problems and enhances natural beauty. It has ingredients that firms the skin which is the Acetyl  Hexapeptide-8. It is also known as the Botox-like peptide which has a string firming effect. The peptide penetrates the skin more easily and increases the elasticity of the muscular tissue. 

So I wasn't really excited about trying out the BB Cream because as I have said several times in previous blog posts, Asian base makeup is always too light and ashy for me. I was definitely apprehensive about this not matching my skin tone. The swatch looks good in the back of my although it is really light. It has a slightly yellow base to it but I can definitely see a bit of gray in it. 

Most BB Creams I've tried are thick but this one is definitely thinner. Kim of KimKine actually pointed out how she likes the consistency because it is thick but I say otherwise. Ive tried out quite a good number of BB Creams in the past and this one is just thinner than those that I've tried. I actually think that because of its consistency, add probably a good quarter size amount of the All in One and put it in a cushion pact, it would be a great cushion foundation because it is light and airy. 

Talking about it being light and airy, the coverage is light to medium. I have this wrist tattoo that is about a month old and the ink is very dark and see how much coverage I get with the BB Cream. Issues like redness, uneven skin tone and minor blemishes would be covered up by the Dynamic BB Cream. 

Above are photos of me with and without the Dynamic BB Cream and you can clearly see how it evened out my skin tone. No more redness around my nose! It has a dewy finish so it gives you enough hydration which is great for those who have really dry skin. For men however, I'm not entirely sure if the Dynamic BB Cream would work. Most men sweat more and produce more oil than women so a hydrating BB Cream like this would most likely slip and slide throughout the day. Only if you would powder over it would it keep your face matte but I don't see any guy bothering to powder their faces. 

I'm happy to say that although I was greatly apprehensive about the shade not matching me, I didn't become too ghostly with it on. It looks only like a shade lighter than me which wasn't too much of a big deal that a little bronzer wouldn't be able to fix. 

I do like the feel of the Home Terrior Dynamic BB Cream but I wouldn't be able to wear it throughout the summertime. I would look like a grease all throughout that day with me wearing this. Also, it doesn't have a great staying power. It only last for a maximum of 3 hours. It is something good to put on your face if you just want to look put together when you're out to do errands. 

It has the same scent as the Homme Terrior All in One and has a strong, fresh and masculine scent which goes away after a couple of minutes.

I'm a huge fan of the Homme Terrior All in One but I'm 50/50 about the Dynamic BB Cream. I don't love it or hate it. I think the current temperature and weather of the East Coast is not the best time to try out such a hydrating product. I didn't see or feel any firming effect but it would most likely appear in the long run of using it. 

Fun fact: Homme Terrior was awarded on May 16 as the Global Homme Icon Cosmetic at the 2016 Asia Beauty Awards in Shanghai. Check out BNTNews for the full article! 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All in One Review

Today's product review is something I have never done on my blog. I'm reviewing a skin care product from Hwajin Cosmetics especially geared towards men! 

The Homme Terrior line was developed especially for men's skin care and beauty needs. Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you shouldn't take good care of your skin. Usually men are pretty simple with their skin care. Wash their face with a generic face wash and moisturize and then they are done. Sometimes they even skip moisturizing which I believe is very important for everyone's skin. 

Thanks to bntNews I was able receive both the Homme Terrior All in One and the Dynamic BB Cream but for this review I'm goingo specifically talk about the All in One. Stay tuned for the next review on the Dynamic BB Cream.

All in One... Pretty vague name but it is made for the busy man. The All in One aims to enhance the skin's elasticity, moisturizes and softens rough skin especially since a guy's skin is easily irritated by daily shaving. It also claims to balance the oiliness of the skin. It is a convenient and easy way to apply lotion and essence in one application.

It has plant derived compounds from resurrection plants (plants that can survive drought; would fold up when dry and would open up when moistened) , herbs, and apricot kernels to soften and refresh damaged and irritated skin. It has a patented extract mixture from herbs and licorice that soothes and moisten the skin. It's major ingredients are lemon extract (Vitamin C and citric extract that exfoliates and cleanses the skin), bamboo extract (antibacterial and antioxidant effect), herb extract (rosemary, chamomile, green tea leaf, licorice) and iceberg water (ultra pure water from Newfoundland, Canada) . 

I would have loved to make this review for you from a guy's point of view but sadly my boyfriend is very hesitant in trying out skin care products because his skin is very sensitive. He has flares, where his skin becomes really red and irritated when the weather severely changes. He has to use specific facial wash and cream given by his dermatologist in order to prevent and control the flares and break outs. I had to try out the Homme Terrior products myself and it turned out quite well. 

The All in One has the texture of the essence, slippery and light. It was fairly easy to apply, I basically just worked it onto my face massaging lightly and ended by lightly patting my face. It smells manly but it is not overpowering and too fragrant. I really love how fresh it smells and I actually didn't mind using a men's skin care product. 

I have noticed a few bumps on my face prior to the start of trying this product out. After only 3 uses of the All in One, they have disappeared! I may not be a man who shaves facial hair on the daily so I cannot really give an accurate review on how it does as an aftershave or relieve irritated skin but if this product was able to smooth out my bumps then in my book this definitely works! My skin feels hydrated but not too much, which is great for those who have oily to combination skin type which most men have. 

After trying this product out myself, I would try and convince my boyfriend to try this out. It really would be great if his skin would like this. If you're looking for a gift for the man in your life, be it your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother or friend, this would be a good buy. Hey, Father's Day is coming up! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation Review

Looking for a new lightweight foundation? Well, the new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is something you have to try! 

I've been wanting to review this foundation for awhile, actually since I've gotten my hands on it when it was first released a couple of months ago, but my lazy bum just keeps on putting it behind. Finally decided it is high time to properly give my thoughts on this foundation since I think it is perfect for the spring and summer season. 

According to its actual product description, the Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation has 20 percent water that hydrates the skin while it does its job covering and masking redness, dark spots, and uneven skin ton while softening the look of pores and fine lines. The foundation is packed with antioxidant Rainforest of the Sea complex and non-chemical SPF 15 the helps restore brighten and defend skin from free radicals and early signs of aging. It is also free of parabens and phthalate, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. 

The packaging is pretty and product is dispensed through a dropper. Although the dropper is a hygienic idea, I actually find it a bit cumbersome since the amount that the dropper releases isn't enough for my face and I need to put back the dropper and take more product from the bottle. I would have preferred to have a pump with this but that is just my personal preference and it doesn't hinder the performance of this amazing foundation. 

It claims to be a full coverage foundation but this is only true if you have fairly good skin, which means your problems are dullness, uneven skin tone, redness and dark spots. If you have severe acne scarring and blemishes this would give you a light to medium coverage. This product is buildable so you can absolutely go over your problem areas with another layer to achieve full coverage. 

Since I have fairly good skin, with occasional zits at the time of the month, I really like how I can achieve a nice even base for the rest of my makeup. I like applying this with a damp makeup sponge, slightly sheering out the foundation. Quick tip, applying with a makeup brush gives more coverage than a damp makeup sponge. 

The formula is definitely more runny than most liquid foundations I've tried before. The staying power for this foundation is really great, stays true to its claims of 12 hour wear. Although it stays put throughout the day, it doesn't feel dry and heavy on the skin. It feels very natural and you could almost forget you have foundation on. 

Now that it is spring season and summer is definitely just around the corner, this is a great foundation to try out. I don't know about you girls but I like the more lightweight and long wearing foundations during this time of the year because I'm always sweaty and makeup always rubs off in a few hours with the humidity. And this has SPF 15 to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. 

This foundation retails for $39 at Sephora and Tarte. There's 12 shades to choose from so there definitely is something for everyone. My shade is Medium Honey for reference. 

What is your favorite foundation for the spring and summer season? Let me know down below! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K & Candy K Review & Swatches

Kylie Jenner's luscious lips has been the talk of the town and now, her lips are even more talked about as she released her own cosmetics line and the debut of the Kylie Matte Lip Kit. It has even now expanded to glosses and metallics.

With exclusive branding, Kylie Cosmetics products sell out quickly in a matter of minutes after restocking. The matte lip kits especially are really hard to get your hands on and you have to be ready once an update on restock is released. I, myself, have been trying for a couple of months to get them. I'm always too late when they restock and by the time I get online, everything is sold out. This time around I patiently waited for the restock and once it went live at Kylie Cosmetics, I had every matte lip kit in my cart. However, every beauty enthusiast seem to be hounding the release as well because once u got to the last page of check out I'm only left with two kits - meaning the rest has sold out! 

I was able to purchase Candy K and Posie K although I really have been wanting to get Dolce K. 

The Kylie Matte Lip Kits come with a matching lip liner to get the perfect and plump, lasts all day, 'Kylie Lip.' 

Posie K

Posie K is described as a dusty, mauve pink. When swatched on the back of my hand, it appears true to description. 

However, on my lips, it does appear slightly brighter, with it leaning more pink than mauve. 

Candy K

Candy K is described as a warm nude. A good combination of brown, peach and pink, creating a warm nude and is true to its description when swatched on the back of my hand. 

On my lips it is a pale, peachy pink. Still a good nude shade but the warm brown undertone seems non-existent. 


The lip liners are really good. They are creamy and rich. Nothing too exciting to be honest when it comes to lip liners. 

So here's what everybody has been waiting for, my thoughts on the matte liquid lipsticks. There was a big controversy on the Kylie Lip Kits when rumors started floating around that they are one and the same as the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip. Kylie however did say that they don't have the same formula and exact colors as Colourpop. I do believe they use the same laboratory as Colourpop. 

Anyway, the Kylie Matte Lip Kits applies thinly than the Colourpop Ultra Mattes but it does apply evenly. With some Ultra Mattes it could apply unevenly. This is true to only some Colourpop Mattes and also more of their older shades - I think Colourpop has improved their formula because I noticed that the  newer shades has a better texture and application. 

The bolder shades of the Ultra Mattes, though dries matte, does slightly transfer. The Lip Kits however doesn't have any transfers. I can't say that  same for the bolder shades of the Lip Kits like Mary Jo K, 22 and Kourt K since I haven't tried those out but Posie K and Candy K definitely doesn't transfer. 

Eating and drinking... I haven't had a problem with the Ultra Mattes. Although it does come off slightly it does not flake off or get patchy afterwards. You would still have nice, matte, even colored lips. The Lip Kits, however, are horrible for eating and drinking. They start rubbing off and flaking. You definitely have to remove the whole entire thing and reapply. 

The Matte Lip Kits (all matte lippies) are definitely not for dry lips. You would really need to exfoliate and moisturize prior to application. Don't forget to blot out the balm before applying the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. 

The Lip Kits smell absolutely amazing! Think Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino! That's the best thing about this product that is worth the mention. 

At $29 + shipping for 2 products (liner & liquid lipstick) I don't think the price is too bad at all however I think this product is too hyped up. I like it but there are so many products out there that are similar. I love Colourpop products and since the Ultra Matte Lip are only $6 apiece, I think I'd rather buy those than spend so much on the Kylie Lip Kits. Will I buy more Lip Kits? Maybe not.