Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara

Another Vely Vely product that was sent to me was the IM Custom Coloring Browcara. 

Everybody who is into beauty are all so familiar with brow mascaras which is a product that colors, defines and sets the brows in place. With the hair color trend well on its way, you want your brows to match the color of your hair without actually needing to dye your brow hairs. 

Vely Vely has 3 shades for their IM Custom Coloring Browcara line, Gold Brown, Red Brown and Deep Brown which are the most popular hair color. Gold brown for those who have lighter hair with gold tones, red brown for those with reddish tones and deep brown for brunettes and dark haired gals. I would love to see more shades from them that would match other hair colors as well or at least have something suited for those gals who are sporting Unicorn/festival hairs this summer. 

I was sent the Red Brown shade which is very close to my current hair color. This product is smudge proof so you won't have to worry about your brows getting bald throughout the day. It is also very much sweatproof and waterproof as I have tested. I have swatched it below on the back of my hand and believe me, it was slightly tough to remove. 

The brush is also interesting. It is short but is slightly wider on one side with the wider side, the setting side which you use to brush and set the brow hairs. And the shorter side, the coloring side to allow more color to be dispensed onto the brow hairs and to the skin where hairs are sparse or non existent. 

I think I may have filled in my brows too much but I think this browcara actually did the job of filling in. Although I think I could have went a little bit more light handed with using it for the front portion of my brows, nevertheless I think color pay off and fullness was achieved. It does seem just a shade more red than my current hair color but I think this could work together with my current brow product. I have been filling my brows with a deep brown brow pomade and using the Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara in Red Brown I could run it through my brow hairs to set and give a slightly reddish tint to match my hair. 

The Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara retails at 18,000KW ($18) a bit up there but it does do a great job! 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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