Monday, March 21, 2016

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Review

I have mentioned in my previous review of the KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack, that it has saved my dry skin and together with the Camelia Sleeping Pack, I also used the KICHO Sheep Oil Cream. 

This cream is made from pure lanolin from New Zealand lamb wools purified with German technology. I don't particularly know the in depth reasoning for using sheeps from New Zealand or the German technology behind making this cream but what I know is that this doesn't contain any parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or any chemical preservatives. It, instead, uses totarol, which is a natural preservative. Totarol is derived from the Totara tree which is found in the forest of New Zealand. Totarol is three times stronger than Vitamin E and has anti-microbial and is a great antioxidant which neutralizes free radical and slows skin aging. 

Aside from totarol, it also contains 8 berries that are food for the skin: sea buckthorn fruit, cranberry, a├žai, strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, blackberry and raspberry, quality assured and harvested from different countries all over the world. 

This cream made with Lanolin, totarol and 8 berries, hydrates, brightens and prevents skin aging. 

This particular cream reminds me of the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream which is a very popular skin care product in Korea. The two creams share similarities like color, texture, and consistency. The KICHO Sheep Oil Cream is also buttery yellow in color and is rich. Although rich it isn't thick and but extremely moisturizing. It is slightly more greasy than the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream but the slickness doesn't feel uncomfortable. It does have a faint berry smell but it is not too sweet or strong so it is good for those who does not like fragrances in their skin care products or for those who have sensitive noses. 

I absolutely loved this moisturizer in conjunction to the use of the Camelia Sleeping Pack. I would use the KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack at night and the Sheep Oil Cream in the morning. Within 3 days my skin has completely recovered from dryness and within a week there was noticeable brightness. 

The KICHO Sheep Oil Cream is slightly more expensive the the Guerisson 9-Complex Cream. It retails for 58,000 Korean Won ($58), whereas the Guerisson Cream is 54,000 Korean Won ($54). I think both are really good creams do if you're looking for intense moisturizing creams, either will do. You only would have to consider ingredients if you are particular with your creams  While the KICHO is made from sheep oil, Guerisson is made from horse oil. 

Two thumbs up for the KICHO Sheep Oil Cream for helping me achieve softand supple skin within a week! Even if I used it with the Sleeping Pack, it still is a really great product on its own. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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