Tuesday, March 15, 2016

KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack Review

I was recently on a vacation to Cali, mainly to visit Disneyland with my cousin Rina. We spent 7 days in the parks and 2 days in LA. I will have another post on that mini vacation with photos but that's not why I started this post about the vacation.

Anyone who travels by plane knows how bad the air is inside the plane. I usually travel without makeup to let my skin breathe and if I do wear makeup it would be the lightest, most breathable makeup. Anyway, on my way back home, my flight wasn't until midnight, so I had a full face of makeup on for the 5 hour flight home. I was tired and sleepy that I knocked out right when the plane was up in the air. It was a huge mistake not taking off that makeup because when I woke up 20 minutes to landing my skin was practically dry like an old lady's! 

Thankful to be back home, I was jumping in joy when I realized that among the beauty products that was sent by BNTNEWS this month was this KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack. I immediately just had to put this into test because my skin was so dry I needed to rejuvenate it quickly.

Packed in this camelia designed box is a 100ml tube of the sleeping pack and a gold synthetic brush.

This pale straw colored cream is not too different in texture in comparison to most night creams and moisturizers. Usually sleeping masks and packs have a thicker, richer, gel like consistency that forms a layer over your skin and it delivers more nourishment than a regular night cream does to your skin. It is indeed rich and thick but not gel-like as I first thhought it would be. It is, however, very creamy and the brush that comes with it applies it evenly on the skin. Although not a necessity, since you can apply the pack with your fingers, the synthetic brush is really nice to keep everything hygienic. 

The main ingredients of this sleeping pack is camelia, rose water, fermented black ginseng and lanolin. Camelia extract and oil has a lot of benefits: emollient (perfect for hydration), anti-aging, astringent (treat injuries and scars), and anti-inflammatory among others. Rose water and extract has been very popular in skin care too with anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and maintains pH balance. Fermented natural ingredients added to any skin care gives the natural ingredients an extra boost with their benefits. Basically like a power up. In this case, the Ginseng gets a power up in making your skin brighter, more rejuvenated and invigorated. Lanolin is extracted from sheep's wool and its main property is deep moisturization. 

I have throughly enjoyed this Camelia Sleeping Pack. It has greatly helped my severely dehydrated skin after just one use. It didn't leave any greasy gunk on my sheets and it made my skin brighter and hydrated the next day. It was absorbed by my skin quickly and I'm just extremely happy how well my skin turned out after a use. As much as I prefer a non fragrant to fresh water and citrus scents on my skin care products, the rose scent in this product was not over powering and also helped me fall asleep quite easily (although I might also have to attribute that to being jetlagged). 

Two thumbs up for this sleeping pack and I am recommending this to anyone who has problematic and extremely dry skin. It is awesome to get as a gift for your skin care lover girlfriend, friend and relatives since it is already perfectly packaged. This retails for 53,000 Korean won ($53).

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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