Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tarte Classic Courage Palette Review & Swatches

An exciting mix of matte and satin/shimmery eyeshadows and a glowing matte blush is the perfect travel palette from this Ulta Exclusive Tarte Double Duty Beauty Day/Night Eye and Cheek Palette. 

I've been dying to get my hands on this baby since I saw it on Instagram. I was trying to get it before I left for my California trip but it wouldn't arrive on time so I didn't order it online, but I did manage to pick it up from an Ulta in Anaheim. I am so glad I got this because it is just what I need! 

This Tarte Ulta exclusive is released in warm and cool palettes. Classic Courage is the warmer toned palette, whereas Star Power is the more cooler toned palette. I am more drawn towards warmer shades but Star Power also looks amazing that I am heavily debating on getting that one too! 

A quote on this gold magnetic lid that says "She dreamed, she believed and she succeeded," gives any girl the inspiration to reach for her dreams and aspirations. 

The 5 shadows included are the following: Rise & Shine - a matte cream colored shadow for highlighting; Lucky Penny - a light, satin finish copper; Trailblazer - a matte deep brown for contour and blending; Rosy Outlook - a cgampagne/rose gold satin finish eyeshadow; and Smile On - a shimmery deep brown with gold flecks. 

The matte blush in Courage seems to be light on the pan but Tarte blushes are always so deceiving since they are really bright and pigmented once applied on the cheeks. I always find that with any Tarte pressed powder products, especially their eyeshadows and blushes, the color pay off is way better when you're using brushes with application than swatching them with your fingers. Don't get me wrong, they swatch amazingly, soft and pigmented, but wait 'til you get to apply them with brushes, they will blow your mind!

The powders are very smooth and pigmented. They are soft and blendable, very easy to work with. I only have one thing to point out and that's the fall outs. You have to be careful with your darker shadows in this palette, Trailblazer and Smile On, since they do give you fall outs. Tapping off your brush before application or putting your foundation and concealer after your eye makeup is the way to go. I personally don't mind the little bit of fall out since it is pretty easy to clean and dust off and most eyeshadow are that say anyway so I'm used to it but this is just something to keep in mind. 

I really love the good mix of mattes and satin shimmers in this palette.  I also love my neutral shades and this can definitely take you from day to night, natural to smokey. This is something I would recommend to everyone especially beginners and working ladies. The shadows are easy to work with and the shades are very work and school appropriate. If you are a beginner, this palette is something that you can try out. Use the lighter shades for a more everyday look and once you are comfortable with makeup, practice building up your skills and incorporate the darker shadows into an upgraded everyday look and then finally move on to a smokey eye. 

Of course this palette is not as cheap as the palettes in the drugstores but this is a good investment since it is quality makeup. It retails for $28 in Ulta online and in stores. Actually $28 is not a bad price for the amount of quality product that you get. The blush itself is full size so that alone is already more than half of the cost. 

I know I haven't really talked about Tarte in my blog but I have been loving the brand especially when I got my hand on their perfectly matte neutral palette in Poppy Picnic which was released for Spring/Summer 2015. Shhhh... I have hit pan on most of the shadows in that palette! And fun fact, I used the Tarte Poppy Picnic Palette when I did the makeup for the Bridal Party for my brother's wedding last year and they loved the final look! ^^

But yes, go to your nearest Ulta and swatch this baby or go online on Ulta and purchase this! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask Review

A couple months back I have received from bntNews the Natural Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream. It wasn't quite up to par with all the other creams I have tried or even to their Aqua line. 

Today's review features another product from the Ginseng Royal Silk line, a Gold Hydrogel Mask. 

Since it's from the same line as the cream, it contains the same ingredients: 6 year old red Ginseng extract, royal jelly from baby bees of the Jiri Mountain, gold and amino acids extracted from golden silkworms. 

I have used a couple of Hydrogel masks including the Nature Republic Gold Snail Hydrogel Mask with Syn-ake Venom Peptide. The Royal Silk Hydrogel Mask is interestingly split in half, one for the upper half of your face and the other for the lower half. Having multiple pieces of masks actually helps it to fit perfectly into your face unlike a one piece sheet mask that is oftentimes bigger than your face. 

I had  the mask on my face for about 40 minutes and I did notice immediate hydration although I didn't see any brightening effect. To be honest, I really didn't see any amazing results that blew me off my mind. Although it is a good sheet mask, I just personally feel that there are a lot more sheet masks that can compare to it or is even better than it. I really have no complaints on this mask other than it didn't really provide me with what I want and expected. 

Personally I think the SNP Animal Sheet Masks are way better even if they are not hydrogel masks. This is just my personal opinion but never the less, the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask is a good one but not great. In my review of the the Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream, I have complained about the fragrance that gave me a headache thankfully this one didn't give me any. 

P*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Review

I have mentioned in my previous review of the KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack, that it has saved my dry skin and together with the Camelia Sleeping Pack, I also used the KICHO Sheep Oil Cream. 

This cream is made from pure lanolin from New Zealand lamb wools purified with German technology. I don't particularly know the in depth reasoning for using sheeps from New Zealand or the German technology behind making this cream but what I know is that this doesn't contain any parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or any chemical preservatives. It, instead, uses totarol, which is a natural preservative. Totarol is derived from the Totara tree which is found in the forest of New Zealand. Totarol is three times stronger than Vitamin E and has anti-microbial and is a great antioxidant which neutralizes free radical and slows skin aging. 

Aside from totarol, it also contains 8 berries that are food for the skin: sea buckthorn fruit, cranberry, a├žai, strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, blackberry and raspberry, quality assured and harvested from different countries all over the world. 

This cream made with Lanolin, totarol and 8 berries, hydrates, brightens and prevents skin aging. 

This particular cream reminds me of the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream which is a very popular skin care product in Korea. The two creams share similarities like color, texture, and consistency. The KICHO Sheep Oil Cream is also buttery yellow in color and is rich. Although rich it isn't thick and but extremely moisturizing. It is slightly more greasy than the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream but the slickness doesn't feel uncomfortable. It does have a faint berry smell but it is not too sweet or strong so it is good for those who does not like fragrances in their skin care products or for those who have sensitive noses. 

I absolutely loved this moisturizer in conjunction to the use of the Camelia Sleeping Pack. I would use the KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack at night and the Sheep Oil Cream in the morning. Within 3 days my skin has completely recovered from dryness and within a week there was noticeable brightness. 

The KICHO Sheep Oil Cream is slightly more expensive the the Guerisson 9-Complex Cream. It retails for 58,000 Korean Won ($58), whereas the Guerisson Cream is 54,000 Korean Won ($54). I think both are really good creams do if you're looking for intense moisturizing creams, either will do. You only would have to consider ingredients if you are particular with your creams  While the KICHO is made from sheep oil, Guerisson is made from horse oil. 

Two thumbs up for the KICHO Sheep Oil Cream for helping me achieve softand supple skin within a week! Even if I used it with the Sleeping Pack, it still is a really great product on its own. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wigaholics Baby Green Long Wavy Wig Review

I have always found pastel and rainbow wigs to be mystical and ethereal looking. If you're into cosplays, check out Wigaholics for a wide array of wigs. 

Wigaholics reached out to me and had kindly sent this wig for review. I have never done cosplays though I have always wanted to try it even just once. I have a couple of blogger friends who do cosplays and I'm always amazed on how wigs completes their look. Sure makeup and costumes play a huge part, but with a wig, cosplaying a character takes it to a whole new level.

The wigs come in a set with a wig cap, a wig stand (which is actually good for displaying shorter wigs and not long wigs), and a hair brush. I think for longer wigs, it is actually best to store the wigs back in the bag and packed how it arrived. If you do want to display a lengthy wig, I suggest getting a taller stand. 

I actually chose this particular wig. It is the Baby Green Long Wavy (75 cm) and reminds me of pretty anime and manga girls with long, flowy, green hair. The color is very pretty as pastel mint as I'd like it to be. The length was also perfect since I have been wanting my hair to grow back to this length for months now. 

The hair is soft but is made of fine, synthetic hairs. And because it is synthetic it doesn't do well with heat styling. I tried and it didn't do well with that. One thing I noticed about this wig is that it isn't as high quality as some of the wigs I have encountered (while shopping since I've never actually bought one myself). It sheds a lot from the moment I have taken it out of the bag. Other than that, I really have no complaints since I'm using the wig for makeup looks rather than cosplays or trying to fool people that it is my real hair. 

Wigaholics also offers premium quality wigs which I assume is much better in quality than the one I received. Don't quote me on that since I haven't tried it, but this Baby Green Long Wavy wig is affordable at $39.90 (on sale for $19.90). If you are looking for a wig on a tight budget for your cosplays and looks, this is the place to get it from! 

I really love the color of this wig. I think I might even do another look featuring this wig, perhaps a mermaid inspired look. For someone who has never had a bright colored hair such as this, it actually feels weird to look at my photos above. Perhaps the my makeup doesn't really match this hair that's why I feel weird but this color is really growing on me. 

This is definitely a fun try on colored wigs and I'm looking forward to trying out more colors!  I love how weirdly different I look, like a whole different person. Taking photos was slightly awkward but extremely fun too! 

Check out Wigaholics for more wigs. They have a wide array of wigs in different colors, lengths and styles. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.*

KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack Review

I was recently on a vacation to Cali, mainly to visit Disneyland with my cousin Rina. We spent 7 days in the parks and 2 days in LA. I will have another post on that mini vacation with photos but that's not why I started this post about the vacation.

Anyone who travels by plane knows how bad the air is inside the plane. I usually travel without makeup to let my skin breathe and if I do wear makeup it would be the lightest, most breathable makeup. Anyway, on my way back home, my flight wasn't until midnight, so I had a full face of makeup on for the 5 hour flight home. I was tired and sleepy that I knocked out right when the plane was up in the air. It was a huge mistake not taking off that makeup because when I woke up 20 minutes to landing my skin was practically dry like an old lady's! 

Thankful to be back home, I was jumping in joy when I realized that among the beauty products that was sent by BNTNEWS this month was this KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack. I immediately just had to put this into test because my skin was so dry I needed to rejuvenate it quickly.

Packed in this camelia designed box is a 100ml tube of the sleeping pack and a gold synthetic brush.

This pale straw colored cream is not too different in texture in comparison to most night creams and moisturizers. Usually sleeping masks and packs have a thicker, richer, gel like consistency that forms a layer over your skin and it delivers more nourishment than a regular night cream does to your skin. It is indeed rich and thick but not gel-like as I first thhought it would be. It is, however, very creamy and the brush that comes with it applies it evenly on the skin. Although not a necessity, since you can apply the pack with your fingers, the synthetic brush is really nice to keep everything hygienic. 

The main ingredients of this sleeping pack is camelia, rose water, fermented black ginseng and lanolin. Camelia extract and oil has a lot of benefits: emollient (perfect for hydration), anti-aging, astringent (treat injuries and scars), and anti-inflammatory among others. Rose water and extract has been very popular in skin care too with anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and maintains pH balance. Fermented natural ingredients added to any skin care gives the natural ingredients an extra boost with their benefits. Basically like a power up. In this case, the Ginseng gets a power up in making your skin brighter, more rejuvenated and invigorated. Lanolin is extracted from sheep's wool and its main property is deep moisturization. 

I have throughly enjoyed this Camelia Sleeping Pack. It has greatly helped my severely dehydrated skin after just one use. It didn't leave any greasy gunk on my sheets and it made my skin brighter and hydrated the next day. It was absorbed by my skin quickly and I'm just extremely happy how well my skin turned out after a use. As much as I prefer a non fragrant to fresh water and citrus scents on my skin care products, the rose scent in this product was not over powering and also helped me fall asleep quite easily (although I might also have to attribute that to being jetlagged). 

Two thumbs up for this sleeping pack and I am recommending this to anyone who has problematic and extremely dry skin. It is awesome to get as a gift for your skin care lover girlfriend, friend and relatives since it is already perfectly packaged. This retails for 53,000 Korean won ($53).

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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