Monday, February 22, 2016

Yeblang Special A Star Jelly Cream Review

"A cream fit for a princess"  is the perfect description for today's skin care product review - The Yeblang Special A Star Jelly Cream. 

This lovely cream is made of two major ingredients, Astaxanthin and Peptides. Astaxanthin is a natural pigment that functions as a natural sunscreen for marine plants.  Along with its UV protection properties, it removes and protects the skin from free radicals, is anti-inflammatory and slows aging. Peptides are portions of protein that interact wth cells, in this case, the skin cells. They function as moisture binding agents and together with Astaxanthin they work hand in hand to hydrate the skin and slow down the aging process of the skin. Other ingredients are artichoke and seaweed extracts that help with skin firming. 

Isn't the packaging wonderful? As I said above, it is perfect for a princess and made to be placed on top of a vanity. It is encased in a glass jar with a gold lid. The cream is in a mandarin orange color and smells like one too! 

The jelly cream has the shape memory technology (firming effect to the skin) that I have first encountered from the Mizon Returning Starfish Cream. The shape form technology formula will keep the surface of the cream flat.

This cream has a lovely jelly texture that easily glides on the skin. It leaves the skin slightly tacky but that feeling leaves after a couple of minutes. The skin will feel slightly taught, smooth and surprisingly hydrated too.

The Yeblang Special A Star Jelly Cream is phenomenal in my opinion! I feel like this cream is the perfect combination of the Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and the  Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream which I both love! The scent of the A Star is very similar if not the same with the Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream. 

I am so in love with this cream! The packaging, the scent, the texture, the overall firming and moisturizing effect of the cream is just fantastic. I know I probably painted this cream as the greatest product but the Starfish Cream and Collagen Cream are both my favorites so I'm glad to found a product that can be both in one! 

I look fresh faced and glowing in the photo above. This product is priced between 80-90,000 Korean won ($80-90). It is quite expensive so I probably won't repurchase this but it is definitely something that I would want to get my hands on again when I run out of it. As an alternative, check out the Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream which is only around $25 last I checked on G-Market. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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