Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tony Moly Easy Touch Gel Liner in #2 Brown Review

One of the most loved makeup item from Tony Moly by beauty bloggers is the Backstage Gel Liner.  I have previously reviewed it in the shade Pearl Brown and it was a really great gel liner and it remains to be a favorite of mine.

When I was on my small shopping trip to Tony Moly NYC Store I actually found another gel liner called the Easy Touch Gel Liner and I was trying to figure out what was the difference between the Easy Touch Liner, the Backstage Liner and the Back Gel Liner.

There's very little difference between the 3 kinds of liner. The Backstage Liner comes with a brush on the handle this makes it easier for travel so you don't have to bring a separate liner brush. The Back Gel Liner, which I belief is fairly new, features a longer brush handle with a lot more shades to choose from. The Backstage Gel Liner has 6 shades: Black, Brown, Pearl Brown, Khaki Black, Diva Grey and Pearl Black.  The new Back Gel Liner comes in 8 shades: Black, Brown, Pearl Brown, Khaki Black, Pearl Black, Choco Brown, Latte Brown and Gray Brown.

But today we're gonna focus on the Easy Touch Gel Liner. This liner is their most basic gel liner which comes in 3 shades: Black, Brown and Pearl Brown. It doesn't come with a brush like the Backstage and Back Gel Liner.

It is a waterproof gel liner but it has a longer drying time than the other gel liners. It is smudgeproof and waterproof once it sets. Since it takes a little bit of time to set, it is perfect for making a smokey eye or use as a sticky base since you have wiggle room for smudging and playing around with the look of your line. One big downside to this liner taking awhile to dry is that it would easily transfer to your lids if you have narrow eye folds. Other than that this is pretty long wearing. 

I purchased the shade brown for a more natural look. I really haven't been a huge fan of black liners recently which I know is just a phase for me. The shade is a really rich brown that is creamy and glides easily on the skin. One thing I really like about this liner is that it doesn't fade after a long day of wear like some gel liners do.  

Here's a swatch of the liner in different thickness. Sharpness of the liner depends on the brush you are using since the Easy Touch Gel Liner doesn't come with the brush unlike the other Tony Moly gel liners. 

*The two photos of me wearing the liner above is taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + so it might not be as high quality as the other photos*

I am definitely pleased with this gel liner and I haven't been wearing liquid liner since I purchased this. I know that once I get over this brown gel liner phase I'll move on and will look for black liners once again but the Easy Touch Gel Liner in Brown is surely another favorite along with the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner!

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