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3CE 2015's Lip Color Palette # Pink Trophy Review

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) by Stylenanda has not yet failed me in any of their products that I've received from bntNews or have personally bought. They remain to be one of my favorite Korean cosmetic brand because of their amazing quality products. 

I am very happy to receive in my October BNT Beauty Box the 3CE 2015's Lip Color Palette #Pink Trophy which features 3CE's 4 best pink to raspberry lip colors curated by Stylenanda that will take you through all seasons. Glass type and Original Lip Color formula lippies are placed in one palette for the purpose of gradiations.

The packaging of this palette are the same as most of their products - classy and chic matte black with the 3CE logo in white. The palette is almost the same size as my palm and each lip color is of a generous amount. The first thing I noticed about the palette when I took it out of the box is that it rattles, meaning one of the pans inside is loose. I have used the palette and played around with it a couple of times but I have no issue with any of the pans falling out of the palette but I have to address the fact that the pans do move around slightly inside. If you plan to take each pan out and put it in your own customized lip palette then the pans would be easy to take out but I honestly get somewhat worried and annoyed about the sound it makes. I suggest that the company should either make their pans magnetic or they can glue the pans to the packaging that way it doesn't move around. This is a minor problem but I think it needs to be put out there. 

These lippies are very pretty and they are creamy and highly pigmented. They have natural 10% squalene essence extracted from olives to helps moisturize the lips, shea butter and mango butter that creates a moisture layer for a long lasting effect. It also has an Emollient Technology which allows the lip color to melt and softly adhere to the lips for a definitive color expression at skin temperature of around 27C or 80.6F.

The shades are as follows, #405 Glass Pink, #608 Hala #408 Chu Chu and #807 Hypnotic.

I noticed that the last shade #807 Hypnotic shares the same name as the Dangerous Matte Lip Color I have so I swatched it side by side with the Hypnotic that was in the palette. They are the same shade but the finish is very different. All the lip colors in the palette has a satin to slightly glossy finish whereas the #807 Hypnotic that I previously have has a true matte finish.  

#405 Glass Pink, #608 Hala #408 Chu Chu and #807 Hypnotic


#405 Glass Pink

#405 Glass Pink is a Glass type lip color so it is meant to be sheer and glossy. It has a balmy texture and adds slight color to the lips that would be great if you're on the go since you can just apply this with a finger and won't need to worry about precise application. I personally would use this shade to top off other shade as you do with a gloss product. I'm not a huge fan of sheer and gloss lippies so out of the four shades this is the one I like the least but it's a personal preference. 


#608 Hala

This is a milky pink shade. It actually reminds me of a muted Barbie pink color. This has more pigmentation and is definitely a step up from the first shade. 


#408 Chu Chu

Chu Chu is described as a neon pink that is such a pretty spring and summer color. It is really pigmented and application was easy but you do need to use a lip brush and be a bit more precise with this since it's a darker and brighter shade. 


#807 Hypnotic

It is a deep, raspberry pink shade that is a favorite all year round. It is bright enough for spring and summer and deep for fall and winter. Like with #408 Chu Chu, you do need a lip brush with this as well and a precise application. 


Below is a photo using all 4 of the lip shades.

I applied Hypnotic on the outer portion of my lips, Chu Chu and Hala towards the inner portion and topped it with Glass Pink. on the center.

With all four shades together they form one cohesive lip color. There's so much one can do with this palette. You can mix and match shades or use them on their own. It is such a pretty palette but I personally like applying my lip shades straight from the tube. I don't like the hassle of bringing around and being too precise with a lip brush. I would personally use this palette for clients whenever I do freelance makeup but I just don't see myself using this as often as I do my individual lipsticks. 

Overall it is a great product. All the shades in the palette has the same long lasting wear as of their other lip products. I have no complaints and I'm greatly pleased with the shade selection. The 3CE 2015 Lip Color Palette in #Pink Trophy retails for $36 on their website (link here). If you are curious as to where to get 3CE products, they are available online on Stylenanda and Urban Outfitters,

I have several of their lip colors and I have swatched all the ones I have in a previous post (3CE Lip Color Swatches and 3CE Dangerous Matte #807 Hypnotic) if you are curious. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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