Monday, September 7, 2015

September Haul: Beauty & Random Items

Back with a small haul.  I haven't really been shopping much especially beauty items since I have a lot of beauty products already that I'm just trying to get through all of them before I start purchasing new ones. 

Let's start MAC Cosmetics.  I purchased the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus.  I have gone through 5 of these before and the current one I have is almost gone so this one is a repurchase.  I was also in the market for a new foundation so I decided to get a shade match with the Pro Longwear Foundation and I got it in NC30. I will have a review on this foundation soon so look out for that one. 

I love Urban Outfitters. It's one of my favorite stores especially when it comes to coffee table books and home decor. I picked up a coloring book which I would consider as "coloring books for adults." This also gets me in a "back to school" mood even if I'm not in school anymore.

I also purchased an eyeliner from Holika Holika at Urban Outfitters.  If you guys don't already know, UO carries amazing Korean beauty brands like Holika Holika, Peripera, Tony Moly, 3CE, Mizon and a lot more! They also carry other beauty brands that we all love like NYX, Stila, Limecrime, BH Cosmetics, and others.  

Here's another repurchase! I really love the 3CE Stylenanda Eyebrow Mascara in both brown and gold.  I first tried these products when I got them in a Stylenanda Haul (thanks bntNews!) a year ago. These gave amazing definition to the brows and the gold actually lightens my brows to match my current hair color.  I purchased these through eBay this time around since it's just so expensive to order through Stylenanda unless I buy a lot of items. 

Alright, so as you've seen above I bought the Enchanted Forest coloring book and to go with it, I bought colored gel pens so I can color them in.  I'm not crafty or good in arts but I love art and school supplies so these pens and the coloring book makes me really happy and it makes me believe that I'm actually artsy. ^^

Last year I found this Maybelline Quad called Sunset Seduction, and I was really sad when it shattered after I dropped it.  I am a huge fan of the highlight shade which is a duo chrome pearly pink shade so I decided to finally repurchase 2 of the same quad.  I got this off eBay for a deal. This is not available in stores anymore so you can only find it online. This is such a great quad and I have a makeup look using this which you can view here

I have an amazing best friend who sends me care packages. Her name is Jill and she's the blogger behind Siren Seven (drop by her blog, say hi and tell her Joanne sent you!). She sent me a package which was supposedly for my birthday but because we were both so busy, we sent both our packages for each other more than a month late! Anyway she sent me a couple of beauty items and a couple snacks and even clothes! 

Sheet masks for spa nights, a Soap and Glory lotion and these Colourpop lippies! Oh she also sent me a Michael Kors nail Polish which I totally forgot to include in the photo. 

Pacifica is one brand that I've heard a lot about but never really gotten into.   My boyfriend asked me to purchase a coffee scrub from Pacifica for a co-worker's gift and I finally caved in and I decided to purchase a perfume for myself to try out.  

If I'm not mistaken I think I've received a sample of one of their scents from Birchbox but I couldn't remember what it was but I did remember that it was really such a good scent.  I tried winging it and ordered the Tunisian Jasmine Lime crossing my fingers and praying that I would like this scent and not hate it. Turns out that I really like this scent and it has a floral and citrus mix to it that is  very fresh. 

Last but not the least is a very nifty item to have. It is the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB device which has a micro USB on one side so I can easily move files from my Galaxy tablet and phone to my computer.  This has made my life so much easier especially when I had to blog on the go.  Transferring files never have been so much easier and with a 32GB space you can store a lot of documents, photos, movies and music files. I purchased this at Amazon for around $10 on sale. 

Pardon the difference in lighting with the photos.  I took them all in one day at a very odd time of the day where it was getting dark so I had to result to using LED lamps which I'm still trying to figure out how to effectively use to get the right lighting.  

I'll see you guys soon with a couple of reviews and makeup looks. 

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