Tuesday, July 28, 2015

May Coop Raw Sauce Review

First introduced by KPop idol from Secret, Song Ji Eun at Get It Beauty, this product is a multi function essence that combines the effects of toner, essence and lotion. 

May Coop uses maple tree sap in their skin care line due to its nourishing and revitalizing properties.  It has high absorbability due to its smaller molecules and is rich in glycerin which makes it a very effective moisturizer and reinforces skin immunity. 

The maple sap is collected during the spring (May) for maximum potency. 

The packaging has a nature imbibed feel due to its wooden looking box packaging.  

The Raw Sauce contains 93% maple sap, fructan powder (eco-certified), Asian herbal and fruit extracts that makes the skin dewy. It is recommended for all skin types.  

When I first saw the name 'Raw Sauce' I thought that it would be something food related but the more I used this product the more I come to see that it is actually food for the skin.  Since it is an all in one product, I skipped using other skin care products during my night time routine and just applied it alone.  

The texture is slightly slippery like that of a typical essence, a little bit thicker than a toner and more like a lotion but not quite.  It applied nicely on the skin and absorbs right on but does not leave the skin dry. It is definitely a hydrating skin product and indeed makes the skin look dewy.  If you are oily, I suggest skipping this in the morning but use it during your night time routine instead. If you are on the extremely dry side, you may use it with a moisturizer to keep the skin even more hydrated. If you're normal to combination, it is good to use alone, morning and evening. 

Raw Sauce also has that fragrant, slightly sweet smelling scent that is pleasing to the nose, so that's a huge plus in my books.  :) 

The huge bottle of Raw Sauce is 150ml and retails around $42.  It is quite pricey but then again it would take you  a long time to finish the whole bottle so I think it is worth it. 


The May Coop Raw Sauce is now available online (and maybe in stores) at Sephora. It retails for $43.  All other product information can also be found at the Sephora website. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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