Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daeng Gi Meori Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo Review

Isn't it wonderful to have soft and healthy hair and scalp? I'm one of those girls who constantly try to find great products for my crowning glory.

I'm slightly obsessed with my hair and I have been dyeing it from black to brown to red and over again for the past 3 years.  I may not be adventurous enough to bleach it yet, and the most extreme I did was probably cutting it real short on my own last November. It was a big change for me since I haven't had short hair in a really long time.  I have also posted a hair update on February of this year to show how it has grown since I cut it and the products I was using.

"Did you do something with your hair? It seems like there's something different about it," my boyfriend said. I was mildly surprised since I haven't been doing anything special with my hair.  In fact I have been so busy that I haven't really been doing my hair routine properly nor have I dyed my roots. The only thing I changed up was my shampoo. The July BNT Beauty Box contained a huge bottle of the Daeng Gi Meori Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo and I have been trying it out for the past 3 weeks.

His main observation was it was softer than it previously was.  And he was right.  I have been so preoccupied that I didn't even notice that my hair was softer and more manageable than before and I didn't even use my hair oil. I also haven't been scratching my head that often, which was a sign of my extremely dry scalp. 

The Daeng Gi Meori Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo's major claim is to protect and soften the hair.  It contains 35% of ripe and enriched medicinal ingredients as well as a patented substance extracted from lily.

I have mentioned time and again on my hair posts that I have dry scalp which is irritating when it's itchy and I get flakes as well which is just not pretty to have. These is aggravated all the more when I use clarifying shampoos which deep cleanses the roots and scalp. I love that squeaky clean feeling when I use clarifying shampoo but the itchiness and flaking are too extreme that I feel like my head is gonna fall off.  

This Oriental shampoo on the other hand gives you that fresh, squeaky clean feeling on the scalp but does not completely dry it down to flakes. In fact, the itchiness and flaking has dissipated. 

The shampoo contains vitamins and minerals, marine phyto-complex, caulerpa racemosa extracts, antioxidative chlorella and fermented Pseudoalteromonas that protects and moisturizes scalp. Wilfordii root, false daisy and hazelnut extracts provide energy and vitality to tired scalp. 

It also contains keratin and Camelia That treat damaged scalp from within and reinforces elasticity. 

I would not lie and say that only using this shampoo and nothing else will soften your hair.  True, it did cleanse my hair properly, removing the grease and dirt but in comparison to other clarifying shampoos, this will not leave your scalp extremely as dry as the others. However, to prevent dryness to the ends of the hair which tends to be more prone to breakage, you still would need to condition the hair.  I'm still using the L'Oreal  Total Repair Extreme Reconstructing Conditioner which I have been using for the longest time already.  Using both together have made such a difference that even my boyfriend has noticed when he couldn't be bothered to notice those kind of things before. I have used the conditioner for a really long time now and I haven't gotten this kind of results before when I used different shampoos with it. 

The shampoo is slightly thick in consistency with a brown sugar color.  It smells fragrant too, very similar to most shampoos fragrances in the market.  It lathers up nicely and rinses off pretty well although it is recommended that the hair the rinsed out twice.  For those with dry hair and problematic scalp, it is recommended to be used morning and night for a short period of time, maybe a week and two, the maximum.  It shouldn't be used with another hair product. Those are the brand recommendations but I personally think that it is okay to use conditioners for the ends of your hair to smooth it out.  Hair oils can still be used in my opinion as long as you only apply it on the ends of the hair and not on the roots.  

Have you guys noticed how long my hair is already??? My hair grew twice faster when I started using the shampoo! 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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