Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Pore Pack

Who loves nose strips here? I do! I have horrible nose pores and I know how it grosses out some people but I actually enjoy seeing all that gunk when you peel off a strip. *smh*

The Coreana Rodin SHO line has a 3-Step Pore Pack! Exciting since I have previously tried the Coreana Rodin SHO Cream and my skin really liked it.

This 3 step pore pack opens up pores, cleans them up, eliminates blackheads and tightens the pores. The strips are made of bio-cellulose which is derived from coconut water.

Step 1 is the Blackhead Melting Sheet
It melts and brings the blackheads to the surface with the help of horse oil.

Apply this step for 15-20 minutes. Clean the nose with a cotton swab.

This is a prep for the second step which is the actual pore strip. Though this takes up time, I like how it softens the nose area. It does slightly have an alcohol smell so if you don't like the smell well, heads up.

Step 2 is the Blackhead Absorption Strips
This is the step we're all familiar with. This is very similar to all the nose strips out in the market. This removes blackheads, white heads and sebum that clogs our pores. 

 Splash water onto the nose, remove the transparent film and apply the strip onto your nose for 10-15 minutes. Once completely dry, slowly remove the strip starting from the edge. 

It is a very satisfying feeling removing a pore strip from your nose and as I said earlier I enjoy seeing the gunk. The dirty pore strip is a testament to how well this product actually works. Unfortunately, photos from my test were lost and I had absolutely no time to redo all the photos. You can refer to Kim & Bella's review and photos for the effectiveness of this strip! Personally, it worked great and I believe that the first step was indeed helpful in removing so much blackheads, whiteheads and dirt from my nose.

Step 3 is the Pore Tightening Sheet
A bio-cellulose sheet that is soaked with horse oil, this last step closes and tightens the pores that were opened during the second step. It also helps calm the skin and prevents blackheads.

The actual sheet is like a flat piece of coconut jelly (bio-cellulose) and is sandwiched between two sheets. Apply it on the nose for 5-10 minutes, remove and massage the essence on the nose. 

An extra step which I think is very helpful. We usually neglect our noses and pores after we remove the blackheads not thinking that our pores are wide open and when it's wide open, chances are, it will get clogged up again by dirt and sebum.

The two sheets that encloses the actual strip.

The concept of this 3-step pore strip is good and quite effective but the time it takes to do the whole thing takes up half an hour. It's a pain if you have a lot of things to do but if you're doing a spa day or maybe just around the house working on some chores, it is a treat for your nose! ^^

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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