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Too Cool for School Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box Review

The Too Cool for School Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box has been named by Korea's number beauty show, Get It Beauty, as one of the hottest item for 2015. This creative beauty concept allows women to apply their makeup in a quick and easy way.

The Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box comes with a cushion foundation, a pore balm, a concealer and lip & cheek cream tint. It is perfect for lazy mornings and on the go touch ups since you practically have everything you need in a compact item.

Let's dissect this product starting off with the packaging and design. The box mimics that of a UFO and the design is like a kid-drawn artwork of some sort made with black ink on a white background. Although I really like how cool the design is however I think this would appeal more to ladies around their teens and early 20s. I also don't like the white packaging with cream products because it will easily get dirty. What I really like about the packaging is how compact, light and sturdy the case is for housing a number of products.

The main part of the multi box opens with a push button. This reveals a decent sized mirror and a makeup sponge which lies on top of the lid of the cushion foundation. This lid prevents the product from drying out when not in use. You can also pop the whole thing out and replace it with a refill if you run out of the BB foundation.

Turn over the box and you will see the plastic finger grip, which allows you to slide open another compartment. This houses the pore balm, the concealer and the lip and cheek cream tint.

The Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box comes in 2 shades: No 21 Pola - Light Beige (which is the one I'm reviewing today) and No. 23 Janna - Natural Beige, which is a darker shade. The cushion foundation also consists of SPF50+, PA+++ which helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Here are swatches of the No. 21 cushion, concealer and lip & cheek tint

Prior to using the multi box, make sure that you have followed your basic skin care routine. First step is to apply the pore balm in the areas where you have large pores and trouble areas. You may use the makeup sponge that comes with the compact to apply the balm or use your clean finger. The pore balm will smooth out the pores and bumps on your skin and will make cushion application even.

Next step is to apply the cushion foundation with the sponge. Use tapping motions to press the product onto the skin and blend out seamlessly. After the application of the cushion, apply concealer to your under eyes to cover up dark circles and also to blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Make sure to blend everything out with your finger or with the makeup sponge using light tapping motion. Add color to the cheeks by applying the tint on the apples of the cheeks for a natural flush and dab the same tint to the center of the lips for instant lip color. All you need in addition to the multi box to have a complete look is a brow pencil and mascara and you are all set.

Below are some photos of me using the U.F.O Multi Box and I'll give you my thoughts on it as we go along.

So obviously the No. 21 shade is too light for me. I tried very hard to make it look natural but all I managed was to look like a ghost. I think the No.23 would perhaps match me more than this one did. Prior to the cushion, I have applied the pore balm underneath my eyes and around my nose. This is usually where I have dry patches and large pores. I have previously tried not using the balm and just went straight to cushion foundation but it enhanced my dry patches so badly. In the photo set above where I have used the pore balm, the cushion foundation looks even and covered up my skin pretty well. The concealer in the mutli box also did a great job than I expected it to. It was rich and creamy and although it was still too light for me, it managed to cover up my nasty dark circles. Perhaps the best thing about the multi box for me is the lip & cheek tint. I have been absolutely loving how naturally flushed my cheeks look with this cream blush. I don't like it for my lips because it does not show up at all and the formula isn't good if you have dry lips because it will enhance the dryness and that does not look cute at all.

The coverage of the foundation is light and you can build it up to medium. While it looks good on camera and decent in photos, it actually looks blotchy in real life. I believe this is because it wasn't the right color match for me, thus, when my natural skin peeks through, it just looks uneven. The foundation is also very moisturizing which is good news for people who worries about their dry skin, however, you must make sure that you have exfoliated pretty well or else you'll see dry patches after cushion application. The longevity of the cushion is really good too! It lasted a good 5 hours on the face without significant fading or movement.

Final thoughts:
This is actually quite a good product and if only I have the perfect shade to match my skin, I would totally dig this product. Since the No. 21 Pola wasn't a color match to me, I found some imperfections in the multi box. Although this didn't work out quite well for me, I do see how this would be convenient and easy to use for other ladies. You truly don't need a ton of other products to have a complete look when you have the Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box. I think I might even try and purchase the No. 23 Janna Natural Beige in hopes that it will match my skin tone just because I quite like this concept of this box and the formula of the cushion is actually pretty good.  

The Too Cool for School Dino Platz U.F.O Multi Box retails for $48 (on sale right now for $38!) at Too Cool for School website and on their Amazon shop!

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*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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