Monday, March 2, 2015

[PastelNoodles] GEO Twinkle Brown Circle Lens Review

"Naneun twinkle tiga na! (I obviously twinkle!)" Quoting TaeTiSeo from their debut single Twinkle, I am bringing you a review of the GEO Twinkle Brown circle lens courtesy of Pastel Noodles.

Pastel Noodles is a Korea-based online shop that sells circle lenses, accessories and cosmetics. 

The Twinkle series from GEO Medical comes in three 2-toned colors, gray, pink, and brown, which I will be reviewing today.

Pastel Noodles were kind enough to send me the GEO Twinkle Brown Circle Lens and it was nicely packaged in a customized Pastel Noodles pink and blue box. Inside were the vials of lenses and a lens tweezer. The package also came with a cute pink hair tie. 

The first thing I've noticed about this particular pair of lenses is the outer ring which is a deep brown shade with what appeared like waves. Seeing that I was already sure that this would give me a dolly eyed look. The lighter brown shade in the design looks cool and subtle as well and I was excited to try them on. 

The diameter for the Twinkle is 14.2mm, graphic diameter of 13.8mm and a base curve of 8.6mm. 

I have naturally brown eyes and lenses looked so natural on me. It blended in quite well with my natural eye color but it looks like it added more depth to it. I can clearly see why they called it Twinkle since it made my eyes appear to be smiling. I suddenly remember Tyra Banks and the art of smizing (smiling with your eyes)!

With the right makeup, you can achieve an innocent look with bright and wide shining eyes! 

As I've said in my other reviews on GEO Medical lenses, they are my favorite brand when it comes to comfort and wear. You can wear these lenses for 10-12 hours straight without the feeling of dryness unless you have overly sensitive eyes. With proper care, you can use these lenses up to a year (and sometimes more). 

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥/5

Pastel Noodles has really cool Giveaway and Sponsorship programs for bloggers and circle lens fanatics so don't be shy and check out Pastel Noodles for their wide array of circle lenses, promotions and programs that are open to everyone! ^^ Their marketing and customer service is excellent as well and they reply to your every email inquiry. 

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