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Pure Heals by Nature Village Ginseng Berry Eye Lift Patch Review

There are all kinds of masks nowadays. There's your everyday run-of-the-mill face masks that you can DIY or buy from your local drugstore, the ever so popular sheet masks for quick face rejuvenation, lip masks, cheek masks, eye patches and even feet masks! 

The  eye mask patch or eye patch mask, however you want to put it, are the best on giving those tired looking eyes of yours a boost! 

Today's feature focus review is on the Pure Heals by Nature Village Ginseng Berry Eye Loft Patch. It is a hydrogel type of mask that is especially made for the the thin and sensitive eye area. It is made of ginseng berry which is the red fruit of the Panax ginseng plant. Panax ginseng root has been widely used herbal remedy for ages and has a lot of known benefits but the ginseng berry has been gaining popularity recently because it has been found to have higher concentration of amino acids and proteins than the roots. Ginseng berry is also rich in saponin, a component that helps the skin become healthy and firm. Other ingredients are rose extracts (anti aging and rich in antioxidants), chamomile flower (calming), squalene (an essential Omega 2 oil that can naturally be produced in the body and is a strong antioxidant), betaine (an amino acid that can also be normally found in the body; anti-aging and anti-inflammatory) and adenosine (anti-aging and anti-wrinkle). 

As per ingredient, we can highly note that this Ginseng Berry aims to improve skin elasticity especially underneath the eyes, provide rehydration and moisturization, brighten, revitalize and provide needed skin nutrition that would slow down aging and reduce wrinkle formation. It is also great to note that this product is not tested on animals. 

The box packaging is mostly in Korean but pertinent product information is in English so you would definitely know what you're getting. The jar is very pretty with a copper mirrored lid. I intentionally photographed it with the camera showing so you would see the mirrored effect. 

The hydrogel patch is clear and slightly thinner than other hydrogel (sheet) masks that I have tried and also in comparison to the SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Eye Patch. It has a great scent - fresh, clean and faintly of mixed berries. There's no herbal ginseng scent to it which I first thought it would have. 

To use, apply underneath the eyes after washing the face and applying essence and leave on for 20-30 minutes. For photo purposes, I removed the day's makeup with  makeup wipe and just popped this underneath my eyes for 30 minutes while I did some badly needed room cleaning. The patch feels cool and tingly and it instantly made me feel wide awake. Even after 30 minutes of use the patch did not dry out and I noticed that it significantly reduced the puffiness, the area is well-hydrated and slightly firm. Slight tightness and hydration indicates that it is a good anti-wrinkle product.

I thoroughly enjoyed this eye patch. It's great for spa nights, waking up tired or bloated, and for prepping your face before glamming up for an event.

I'm not entirely sure how many pieces of hydrogel patches are in the jar but it is a lot so you can definitely enjoy using them once or twice a week without fear of it running out too quickly. It also comes with a spatula to help you take each patch. The patches are drenched with the essence so be careful not to spill the jar! 

The only thing that I didn't quite like with this product is it's price. It retails for 54,000 won which is equivalent to $54. It's really expensive and I'm such a cheapo but it is definitely a great product that I highly recommend! 

I would also like to point out that this product is a bit hard to purchase abroad and I'm hoping to see more of the brand on our favorite online Korean beauty stores but if you're in Korea and you see the brand, check it out! They're most popular product I believe are the Propolis ampoules. Let me know if you by chance come across an online beauty store that carries this so we can let others know where to get this. :) 

 *This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation Review

I have tried a lot of Stylenanda 3 Concept Eyes makeup products and I'm very happy with them. 3CE is pretty much one of my top, go-to, makeup brands and I'm excited to try this fairly new and interesting product.

Introducing the 3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation with SPF 50+ and PA+++.  This cushion has whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection properties. It claims to be a lightweight foundation in a cushion compact form that "keeps your face looking perfectly fresh just like the start of the day and prevents further darkening of the skin." The formula is of low viscosity and it helps adhere to the skin and provides great coverage as of a liquid foundation. Promising, eh? 

The packaging is very 3CE-esque. Nothing new, just the same matte black and white design. Inside the box is your compact and a refill cushion.

So this is what the inside of the compact looks like. It's a typical design. You have the mirror, the sponge, a flip tray which is also a protective cover for the actual cushion foundation which is on the bottom.

The puff sponge is pretty; white and black in front and on the back is pink. I like how it doesn't absorb too much of the product that way you actually know that the product goes on your face and not just on the sponge.  It applies nicely and blends out the cushion really well.

So the Fitting Cushion Foundation comes in two shades, 001 for Bright Coverage and 002 a Natural Coverage. I'm guessing that it is just a light shade and a slightly darker shade.

When I first saw the number 001 on the packaging I was already thinking this would be too light for me and I was so shocked at how pale the shade was when I swatched it. It's like 5 times lighter than my natural skin tone! I was like,  "here we go again with a ghostly pale cushion."

But it wasn't all that bad when blended out on my face and it was only a shade or two lighter than my actual skin tone. Below is a photo comparison of me without any makeup, a photo with half of my face with the cushion and then the after application photo. I think it looked pretty good.

The coverage is great. Thank goodness I have no breakouts this month so it worked really well on my skin. I highly recommend applying a light layer since it a buildable cushion foundation. The formula is of a thicker, wet foundation, almost gel and cream like that I couldn't really explain. It quickly dries into a smooth and silky matte finish, almost powdery. And speaking of powder, it smells like baby powder which is very fresh and light. It also photographs nicely as seen on the photos.

One of the things I've noticed throughout my wear of this particular product is that it is not very long wearing. It is marketed as a "fitting and long lasting" lightweight foundation but in my experience it is not. It only lasted me about 3 hours and I started noticing unevenness in my skin tone and I could see dry patches on my skin. My skin isn't that bad lately but it has transitioned along with the cooler weather to a combination to dry. I'm dry on certain areas like my cheeks but my T-zone can get slightly oily throughout the day. Because of the finish for this foundation being smooth and powdery I thought that this would be a good product to hold off the oil but it didn't really work out on that aspect.

The Fitting Cushion Foundation is also anti-darkening, which promotes brightness and I think they nailed it on that area. My skin looks bright and flawless upon application and it evened out my skin tone. As you can see in the before and after photos you can see dullness in my skin and it just looked tired but it instantly gave me a brightened look on the after photo. Also, I didn't need to apply any concealer for my dark circles.

I went ahead and did my makeup just to show you how the foundation looks. I tried using as much 3CE products as I can in the makeup look. Adding bronzer to lightly contour definitely gave my face warmth and dimension as opposed to just a flat looking face with only the foundation. I'm listing all the products down below if you're curious to what I've used.

Brows: Wet n Wild Brow Kit & 3CE Brow Mascara in Gold
Eyeshadows: 3CE #Saturn & Urban Decay Darkside & Blackheart (Naked3)
Eyeliner: 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #1 Cats
Mascara: 3CE Pink I'm Good
Bronzer: Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin
Blush: 3CE Duo Color a Face Blush in #Peach Crush
Lips: 3CE Lip Color in #501 Bella

I'm giving this 3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation a 2.5/5 rating. It sucks because I really want this product to work out and I have really high hopes for it since it's by 3CE. Sadly, for numerous reasons I just can't give it a high rating. One, it is not a shade match. If I got the 002 Natural Coverage I think that would suit me better than this because it is extremely light but nonetheless it blended nicely which made up for it. Two, it's not as long lasting as I expected since it only lasted for a couple of hours when it was clearly claimed to be a long wearing product. Third, it highlighted dry patches which is not cute. Fourth, it doesn't control oil at all. 

For it's pros, it is a great brightening product, it did as it claimed and eliminated use of concealer underneath the eyes. No more dullness and redness on the skin as well. It also looks amazing after application and photographs well. It has sunscreen so it helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is compact, great for traveling and you get a refill when you purchase the set. 

This product retails for $39 on Tester Korea and $43 on the Stylenanda 3CE website which I think is a pretty steep price but on the other hand you get a refill pack with your purchase. 

For the first time, I've encountered something from 3CE that I don't like. What a bummer. I still love the brand though but I was really hoping that I would like this. I'm really on the verge of losing hope on finding a Holy Grail BB Cream/Cushion. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my very long and in depth review of this product. I just realized that October 2015 marked my 2nd year as an official BNTGirl. I was sent a trial BNT Beauty Box for the blogger program August 2013 but got my BNTGirl badge on October 2013! Whew! Time flew by so fast.  Happy 2nd Year (and 1 month) Anniversary! Looking forward to more bntNews reviews in the future! 

 *This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream Review

A multi functioning cream that is made to whiten and improve wrinkles, the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream has become such a popular skin care product. 

This cream boasts of expensive, high quality ingredients made from ginseng extracts, 99% pure gold, royal jelly and gold silkworm. 

Ginseng has been used as an anti-aging ingredient in a lot of skin care products and has been known to have a lot of benefits to one's health. It is greatly used in Oriental herbal medicine and has the properties for vitality and skin rejuvenation and regeneration. It boosts skin firming collagen that helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also has a whitening property which gives the skin a brighter and youthful look.

Royal jelly is another popular ingredient in skin care products.  Royal jelly is a creamy white or pale yellowish substance made by worker bees to nurse baby bees. It is basically the "milk of bees" and cannot be reproduced by any laboratory. Some of its skin care benefits are reducing inflammation, prevents premature aging and increases circulation.

Anything that uses gold in skin care helps with reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well.  It also helps improve blood circulation, reduce skin dryness and lightens the complexion. The use of silkworm increases protein and collagen production.

I am quite pleased with how the packaging looks - it's very pretty and looks great on top of a white vanity. If there's one thing I must point out about the packaging, too much material is wasted because the jar is too big and the content is little, although the actual product is quite a generous amount, the jar is just too big and bulky. This reminds me of the Nature Republic Snail Solution Cream I reviewed awhile back wherein the jar was pretty big too. 

The first thing I always do when I open up any skin care product is to smell it. The scent of this cream was fresh, it didn't have any herbal scent as I expected it to have since it's made out of ginseng. Ginseng itself has a strong aroma and I was expecting it to smell like freshly boiled ginseng root but it has a cool, fresh, watery scent. I particularly like that kind of scent and I always love skin care product that smells fresh and clean. However, I was quite disappointed after my first use because a strong, heavy, perfume scent lingered on my skin and it gave me quite a headache and it immediately took me right to bed.

The cream itself is not as "watery" as I expected it to be.  I was expecting it to be like the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream that I really loved which dissolves into a watery formula when applied on the skin. The Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream however has that slippery feel that is reminiscent of silicone based face primers. It doesn't absorb fast on the skin and leaves a slightly tacky feeling which is not that bad but just slightly uncomfortable to me since I can definitely feel it sit on top of the skin.

I find the gold flecks on the cream really cool and I like how it dissolves well. You can seen how pretty the cream is on the jar and it looks like a pot of gold honey. 

I have been using this product for quite awhile, almost 4 weeks, but I haven't seen much difference on my skin. It does leave the skin fully hydrated (a great sign that it is a great anti-wtibkle product) but I couldn't see any brightening and whitening effect.

I was very hopeful about this cream and I had a lot of expectations but I'm really sorry to say that it just didn't suit me. That strong perfume scent after application was my biggest concern since it gave me headaches. I didn't get used to it even after using it for awhile. I also recommend using this as a night cream if you have problems with strong scents like I do.

The Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Retails for about $66. It is quite pricey because you're paying for the quality of the ingredients used. This product is certified by the Korean Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences for its moisture, wrinkles and elasticity improvement.

 *This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Hanskin Snail B.B Cream Review

For quite some time I have been looking for that BB Cream, CC Cream and cushion that could be my perfect shade match but I have never been that fortunate. I have long ago given up on buying these particular products online because I end up not using them once I realize that they are way too white or ashy for my complexion. Everytime I go to a store I would swatch endless of Asian base products and just be saddened by the thought that I couldn't find anything worth buying and trying.

Here I am today reviewing the Hanskin Super Snail B.B Cream. My initial thought on this product was... "Oh boy, here we go again with the ghostly makeup." But I needed to be positive and throw out all my preconceived notions on BB Creams so I can give a fairly honest review and here's my full and honest opinion about this product.

Let's start with the packaging. It is a lovely white and gold that is really my style. It has a frosted cap and gold pump which is efficient and keeps it sanitary. So far no complaints there. 

The Super Snail B.B Cream has snail slime as its major ingredient that promotes moisture and hydration as well as provides nutrients to the skin and is recommended to people who have dry skin. It has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties as well as SPF 30 PA++ to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. 

Above is a photo of one entire pump of the BB cream. It doesn't seem much, but believe me, it goes a really long way. On the photo below is a swatch of it. It is not thoroughly blended out but it obviously looks 3 shades lighter than my skin. And here comes the ghostly look again, I thought to myself.

Above is a photo of me using the BB cream. I don't have a primer on nor any other base product. I also used my cellphone camera so the photo is not high quality as the rest above.

The best way to apply this Super Snail B.B Cream is to place an entire pump on the back of your hand, dot it all over your face and use a damp makeup sponge or beauty blender. Makeup sponges helps apply the product evenly, blot the excess and makes the makeup look more natural and flawless. With the use of a beauty blender I was able to apply a light coverage of the BB cream on my face without looking to ghastly white. I look paler than how I normally look but it is not such a drastic shade for me. For someone with a fair to medium skin tone like me, you can definitely get away with using this BB cream as long as you apply a light coverage with a makeup sponge. Of course, using your fingers and a makeup brush will give you a higher coverage but remember you should have a similar skin tone to the BB Cream in order for this to work on you.

My skin is in a weird combination state lately sometimes it's oily and sometimes it's dry because of the changing season. This BB cream is a huge help for days when I want to have a light coverage but still retain moisture.

I had a pretty good experience with the Hanskin Super Snail B.B Cream. I'm thinking I shouldn't give up yet on finding the perfect shade match for my Asian base makeup. This is not perfect but close and I really enjoyed using it. I'll put it to more good use over the next few months.

This product retails for 25,600 Korean won which is about $26.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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