Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hair Update: I Cut My Hair!!

For all of you gals who have been following me for awhile you've seen me with my long hair in almost all of my makeup looks. And you probably have noticed this hair change a couple of blog posts ago when I did some review posts for BNT.

I've always been quite anal with my hair to the point where I spend a lot of money, time and effort to keep it looking nice, long and (fairly) healthy. I have an in-depth hair care routine post which I did over the summer which I will link (here) so you would have an idea how much I care for my hair.

For 4 years I've been wanting it to reach my butt, however, I've been trimming at least two inches each month to keep the ends healthy thus, I never quite reached that point. Before cutting it, I was only 4 inches short of it reaching to the desired length.

I've been wanting to do a major hair change for quite awhile now, which at first, resulted me to dyeing it red. I've never had red hair before so it was a big change for me at that time. I always had my hair black, brown or a lighter shade of brown. 

I eventually got pretty sick of looking at red hair after two months of having it and then decided, hey, what if I just chop my hair off? I've been asking my boyfriend how he would feel about me cutting it and I even showed him old pictures of me having short hair. He really likes my long hair so he told me to do whatever I want with it but not do an extreme cut.

Well, lo and behold, I chopped practically all of my hair!

What and who really triggered me to cut my hair was my blogger friend and fellow BNT Girl, Kim! She inspired me so much when she cut her beautiful mane down to shoulder length and then a week later she surprised me (and everyone on Facebook and blogger) with an even shorter do!

She looks amazingly fabulous with her hair and I so badly wanted to do it. At the end of the week after seeing her extreme hair makeover, I finally took my tools and started cutting my own hair.

Yes, that's right, I cut my own hair! I'm no expert at cutting hair but I'm fairly confident at cutting my own hair. I'm also cheap when it comes to hair cuts so I've always trimmed my hair.

I went from this long....

May 2014

July 2014

August 2014

To this!

I really like having my hair curled too so it always seemed shorter than than how it really was because of the curls but I had really long hair.

I cut the front part of the hair short and have longer layers on the back. I have been keeping the longer layers away from the face to give an illusion of an extremely short do. 

Why keep longer layers? One, I can't cut the back of my hair by myself. Two, I need at least a little bit of hair around my neck area because of the weather to keep me a tad bit warm. And lastly, I like having longer hair down my back because I keep missing my long hair. Plus, having  longer layers makes it so easy to style my hair in different ways too!

I've shocked so many people with my hair change but I really love it! I'd be lying if I say I don't miss my long hair, because I really do, but this has been a much needed change for me. And I've been loving the red hair (which I grew tired of early on) too because of this.

It will take a lot of time for my hair to grow back but hair is just hair and I'd be happy seeing it grow again in the coming months and maybe years! ^^

So yay or nay? What do you think?

Oh, and let me give a shout out to Kim who has been my inspiration for this makeover - it's her birthday today! Happy birthday Kim! ^^

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