Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doctorcos High Liquid Next Generation Blocker Review

Harmful UV rays? Say bye to that with Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker. A sun block in liquid form. Yes, liquid form, not aerosol spray nor lotion that we are all so familiar with. 

The High Liquid Next Generation Blocker claims to not only block UV rays, but supply the skin with pure protein for skin activation and protection. I'm guessing the last part of that claim is what "protein in reached" meant. (Dotorcos you really should do something about the grammar - it is protein enriched.) It has SPF 30 PA++ which is quite high than the other sunscreens I've used. 

Aside from a couple of English grammatical print errors, which you can definitely forgive, this product is quite awesome in my opinion. It is truly in a liquid form and is very runny when sprayed on the skin, however, it's not messy and it does sink in fairly easily and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue unlike most sunblock. 

The thing I absolutely don't like about sunscreen is that certain SPF smell that even foundations with SPFs have. In fairness to this product, though it smells like sunscreen, it is not offensive and very tolerable... well, at least for me.

Although, it is given that this product has an SPF 30 PA++, I'm not so sure how well it protects the other parts of the skin under extreme sun exposure since this came to me at a very wrong season to test. It is fall season over here and I have been avoiding going out since it has been pretty cold and the weather has mostly been gloomy rather than sunny. I must give props to this product because at the time I've used it on my face underneath makeup and went out under a pretty warm fall day, it didn't make me feel icky and gross. My makeup didn't melt as well and it stayed pretty much in place. As I said, I can't really tell you how effective it is as a sunblock and protect you from getting dark, but this is A-Ok to me where texture and feel goes. 

Products with SPF tend to give you a white cast especially in flash photography so I just had to take some photos to see if it is true with this product. A comparison photo above is shown of my face with and without flash and I think it is pretty decent. Even with flash, the color of my face still matched my neck and there isn't any visible white cast. I do appear dewy and I have to say it's not the sunscreen, but the foundation I used which has a natural to dewy finish. 

I am gonna save this product for next summer since during the fall and winter I prefer using intensely hydrating moisturizers underneath my makeup (with or without SPF) just because of my dry skin. I would definitely get so much use out of this sunscreen from Doctorcos when I'm out and about in the summer especially when it reaches 70-100 degrees out. I actually can't wait for that weather, but until then, this is going to my summer must-have bin! 

Highly recommend this product! Oh, and before I forget, I have also reviewed the Doctorcos Sheet Free Mask before which is another awesome product from the brand. :)

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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