Friday, September 19, 2014

Lipaid Lip Moisturizers Review

It has been a month or so since I've received these lip balms to try out but I had so many backed up products to review that it took me awhile to finally put this up.

These came from the brand Lipaid which is a British brand of lip care products. They have a broad range of products to choose from and I actually had fun trying them out as well as sharing them to friends and getting their opinions on it.

The Lipaid Original

I was sent two of these particular lip balm and I sent one to my friend Jill, also a beauty blogger, to try out when I sent her a care package. She said that she really like this product and according to her, it's moisturizing than any other lip care products that she has used. 

I totally agree with her on this being moisturizing, however, I personally think that it is too slippery on the lips. It does make your lips so soft in the morning when you wake up if you apply it before bedtime.This particular lip balm has a faint vanilla scent that is barely noticeable.

Lipaid Original For Men

This is probably one of my favorite kind from the bunch that I was sent. Although it is specifically targeted for men, I had to try it out for myself and see what's the difference between the regular one and this one. This one has a slight peppermint scent but it isn't quite minty on the lips. It is also not as slippery as the Original one but is still very moisturizing.

Lipaid Strawberry Touch

This is the first one I've tried out when I first got these items. I am always drawn to berry flavored balms so I was quite excited to try this out. This lip product has a strawberry scent to it but it is not overpowering unlike some strawberry or berry flavored lip balms in the market. It also gives you pink tinted lips which is good if you don't want to carry multiple lip products since it's a lip moisturizer and lip color in one. The only thing I find at fault with this particular product is that again, it was too slippery on my lips and I didn't like how it feels. this also leaves a slight sheen on the lips which gives a slight gloss.

Lipaid Suncare

I totally forgot to take a photo of this lip product with the cap off but the actual product is a pale mustard yellow in color. It applies clear on the lips and has a slight lemon scent. This also has SPF 25 for sun protection. it is very similar in texture to the Original for Men. Although it glides on easily on the lips during application, it is not greasy nor slippery on the lips. It also doesn't leave a sheen on the lips but makes the lips just look healthy.

Pink Sheen Gloss

Different from the other lip products above, this one is in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip so you can easily apply the product directly on the lips. The actual product is a rose pink in color with a little bit of silver frost to it but once applied on the lips, looks sheer but glossy. It has a comfortable stickiness to it and it still leaves your lips really moisturized.

Q10 Anti Wrinkle

I'm not really sure how this anti-wrinkle formula works on your lips but I can definitely say that is my favorite out of all the products I have tried. It is in the same squeeze tube as the Pink Sheen but the product is clear and a little bit thicker in texture. this reminds me of Aquaphor Healing Ointment which I regularly use for my lips as well. This is so moisturizing and leaves your lips so soft and smooth. it also has a faint banana scent which is sweet and pleasant to the nose. this is especially a great treatment to dry and chapped lips especially if you leave it on throughout the night. 

All of the lip care products from Lipaid contains Vitamins B5 & e and contains nutrient rich plant extracts and natural butters. 

I hope you try out this product and I would definitely recommend you to try the Q10 Anti Wrinkle and Original for Men. The men in our lives need some lip care too so don't be shy in giving them lip balms. We all need lip hydration now that we are stepping into the colder months. ^^

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