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iSOi Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence Review

Quite a generous amount of essence is in this iSOi Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence that claims to "Make Your Pore Skinny." I haven't had much experience with iSOi except for the Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum which I do quite like for eliminating redness on my skin - not so much for blemish care since my skin isn't acne prone and I couldn't quite attest to it's claims. I'm really excited about this Pore Tightening Tonic Essence since it's supposed to make your pores smaller and to be honest, I really have large pores.

The product comes in the white box with pale green trimming which I believe is the color code for the Pore Tightening line. The bottle itself is very pretty and is very similar to the Blemish Care Serum - it's a green frosted glass bottle with a silver top cap. Green is one of my favorite colors so just seeing this bottle made me even more excited about trying out this product.

Everything written in the box except for the name of the product and the brand is in Hangul so I had to look up the ingredients for this. It is mostly made of Bulgarian Rose oil, witch hazel, apple, lemon and grape fruit acids. This is especially formulated to remove dirt from the pores, minimize skin troubles, controls excess sebum and minimize pores. It is recommended for people who have oily and sensitive skin.

To use this product, it is recommended to pour the essence into a cotton pad and sweep it from the inside to outside of the skin. Personally, I like to pour a small amount of the essence onto the palm of my hand and pat it on my face rather than using a cotton pad mainly because I feel like the cotton pad absorbs a lot of the product more than my skin. Since it is a tonic essence, I see where they are going with using a cotton pad - to remove excess makeup that is left after cleansing. This will also clean and firm the lips so sweeping a cotton pad with the tonic essence on the lips would also remove dead skin cells.

The texture of this product is watery with a little bit of slip to it, reminding me of the MyPu Hyalu Water Volume Snail Gel Cream, but definitely more watery. It feels refreshing and light on the skin and it absorbs quickly too - similar also to the Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum. Since it is such a lightweight product, I have been using this prior to makeup application as a toner, moisturizer and primer in one. It did pretty well underneath my makeup since it also has sebum control.

Probably the thing I really like about this product is it's scent. It has a very light and fresh scent to it that is very refreshing and just makes me look forward to using it. But alas, it doesn't really make my pore skinny. I have been trying this product out for weeks and my pores are still large. I am close to giving up on the quest of finding a product that would significantly minimize my pores but to no avail. I've tried a lot of products from masks, to toners, serums, etc., and all that they would do is give me temporary pore minimization which lasts for a couple of hours, even a day.

Before I forget, the Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence is actually the 2nd step on the 5 step Pore Tightening line. The Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Line from iSOi consist of (1) Oil Control Pink Pack, (2) Pore Tightening Tonic Essence, (3) Pore Tightening Control Serum, (4) Pore Tightening Program, and (5) Pore Tightening Fresh Gel Cream. For more information about this you may visit

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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