Monday, August 11, 2014

Stylenanda 3CE Lip Color Swatches

I know, I know, I've been slacking on reviews as of late but since my last two posts, the Summer 2014: Daytime Date Makeup Look and my 3CE Haul, I've just been playing around with the items I got and trying out ways on how to use them best. 

One of the items I really love from the haul are the lipsticks. I was so keen on getting these after reviewing one before for Stylenanda x bntnews. The lipstick I previously reviewed was in the shade Vamp. I basically have the same opinion for these lipsticks, they are opaque, creamy and moisturizing. They have a slight gloss to it so that you don't have to use a gloss on top. If you're not fond of glossy finishes like I do, this would still work since it is barely noticeable. It has a long wear time and I noticed that the darker shades leave a stain on the lips which I find good because even through eating and drinking you would still have color on your lips. The stain is also even so it doesn't look ugly. 

Anyway here are the swatches for the four 3CE Lip Colors that I got and descriptions of them.

 #601 Deep Kisser
This has to be my favorite out of the four lippies I got from 3CE. I'm such a sucker for bright and deep fuschia-pink shades. This complements my slightly tanned skin. I have practically used this shade non-stop since I got it. It is the same lip color I used in my recent makeup look

#409 Kiss Woo

A perfect shade of red that is very similar to MAC Riri Woo. I'm not so sure if it is closer in color with the MAC Ruby since I don't own that one but swatched side by side Riri Woo, Kiss Woo is a bit more blue-toned. The major difference between them is their finish. While Riri Woo is a matte, Kiss Woo has a cream finish. 

#501 Bella

A plum shade that is perfect for fall! This is similar to the first 3CE Lip Color I got from bntnews which is Vamp, but this one is probably a few shades lighter and more vibrant but still deep and dark enough for a sultry fall look. 

#507 Lala

Lala is a milky peach color. I have mixed feeling about this lip shade because with my tanned skin sometimes it makes me look sick but sometimes it looks flattering as well. I have yet to find a good eye and face combo to make this lip color work on me. Other than that, I still find this shade pretty. Perhaps with a lighter skin during the fall and a dark eye makeup this would be a good peachy-nude lippie. What do you think? I guess I have to try that out. ^^

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