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nügg Face Masks Review

nügg Face Masks was made available with the vision of providing "approachable and affordable luxury skin care that is truly effective and good for your skin - all of this in the form of nuggets of natural goodness." 

What's interesting is that nügg Face Masks are portion-sized masks that caters to different skin type and targets different skin problems. 

nügg Face Masks utilizes the Natural Oil Dispersion technology to combine natural oils in water to penetrate the skin and in the process, hydrates, soothes, and protects the skin. Each "nugget" of nügg Face Masks contain over 90% of natural or naturally derived ingredients and are formulated without chemical emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances synthetic colors, petrochemicals and parabens.

A lot of bloggers have been reviewing this product as of late and it made me really curious and adamant to try it out, but it being available only on Target stores and with me not really shopping at Target that often, I thought that I would probably try this product out long after it is too hyped up already. Thankfully, the PR company for nügg Face Masks contacted me and asked if I would be willing to try them out and consider reviewing them. Why the hell not? I like face masks and anything beauty related and I immediately jumped on the opportunity of trying these babies out.

I received all 6 of the face masks. Each mask, as mentioned above, caters and targets different skin type and problem.


Deep Cleansing





It is pretty easy to use this mask, just peel open the lid and apply the mask generously to a clean face and leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse. I prefer massaging the product onto my face for a good 2-3 minutes before leaving it on my face. I also like bringing this product down my neck as well.

The texture of the masks are very similar to each other except for the exfoliating mask which has exfoliating beads. The texture of these masks seems to be a cross between a gel and a lotion which feels really good on the skin.

Individually, these masks seem to do what they were supposed to do (hydration, soothing, exfoliating, etc) which is good to note especially if you're really looking for a specific product to fulfill the need of your skin. Among the 6 nügg Face Masks, my favorite seems to be a tie between the Deep Cleansing (Cucumber and Jojoba) and the Revitalizing (Flaxseed & Peppermint) Mask. I enjoy popping my face masks in the fridge around 10 minutes before using them and these 2 masks are the best because it gave me intense cooling sensation. 

My skin felt really soft and nourished after rinsing. For those much needed "treat yourself" moments and event preps, this product is quite handy to have around. I actually used the Deep Cleansing Mask before date night (and mind you my skin looked great - with and without makeup! ^^)

Date night look. Used the Deep Cleansing Mask prior to makeup application and it made my skin really smooth and I believe it helped my makeup stay all throughout the night.

Each nügg Face Masks is supposed to be good for one use but I personally feel like there is too much product in one container. The directions does say use generously but I still think the mask would be good enough for two uses and I wish the container is resealable so I would be able to use the remaining for next time.      

Aside from wanting the container to be resealable, the only other issue I have with this product is opening it up. It has a plastic and foil combination lid to peel off and I had a problem opening 5 out of the 6 masks. As the photo above shows, the plastic separates from the foil and is left on the lid. 

I really recommend  nügg Face Masks. They are seriously good and for the price, which is $2.99 for a single serve capsule and $14.95 for a five piece Multi-Pack, you can't go wrong.  nügg Face masks are available at Target (in-stores only) and online at  nügg Beauty

If the company would be able to address my small issues on the packaging, I would give this product 5/5, but for now, I'll give it a 4.5. ^^

Enjoy your Nuggets of Natural Goodness and try out these masks for yourself. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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