Friday, August 29, 2014

Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer S-Essence Review

Here's another product review from a brand which I'm quite unfamiliar with and it's called Bello-Vita.

Today's review is focused on this Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer S-Essence. The packaging for this particular product is beautiful - the box is decorated in gold filigree which gives it the impression of elegance and sophistication. The bottle is also gold in color with a plastic cap of bronze ombré which shows the gold neck of the spray nozzle inside. 

So what is an essence? An essence contains concentrate of ingredients for a specific purpose, which for this product is a cell optimizer which allows the skin cells to absorb nutrients more effectively. Essences are usually watery and light in texture and feel so it is usually mistaken as a toner.

Bello-Vita boasts of their Biocell System and Fermentation Science which is a fermentation process for the ingredients and allows these ingredients to maintain skin balance and optimize the skin condition. 

I believe this Cell Optimizing S-Essence is part of a skin care line from the brand and this Cell Optimizing line claims to "remove dryness, paleness, improve elasticity, remove toxins and leave the skin feeling rejuvenated and healthy."

I actually like the fact that it is in a spray bottle so you can just mist it all over the face and tap the face for absorption. Probably the only thing I can comment on this product is its scent. It has a strong floral scent to it that it basically feels like spraying perfume straight to your face. The scent does go away after a couple of minutes but it still bothers me every time I spray this on my face. The product feels like water unlike the other essences I've tried which felt like a lighter version of serums. 

I'm not so sure if it does help my skin absorb nutrients more effectively and retain more moisture. It is an extra step to my night time skin care routine which I don't really mind since it's a small step. If only this product doesn't smell that strong I would go to say that I really like this product, but since I don't really care much for the scent, this is just an okay product for me.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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