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MyPu Hyalu Water Volume Snail Gel Cream Review

Snail essence based beauty products have been quite big in Asia, particularly Korea in the last few years as different brands come out of their own product with the snail slime as the main ingredient. I have talked about snail slime properties and benefits in my Nature Republic Snail Solution Line Review a few months back and today, here's another review on a snail slime based product, this time from the brand MyPu. It is the Hyalu Water Volume Snail Gel Cream.

Before heading on to the actual product review, let's talk about the brand first. It's such a pleasure to receive a brand and product overview along with my BNT Beauty Box for this one because most of the time it's so hard to research about foreign products and most that are found on the Web are not written in English.

So MyPu is actually derived from "My Pure Skin" which means pure beauty prpvided by nature. The brand's goal is for users to feel confident about their own skin and not worry about harsh ingredients since all ingredients are all natural.

MyPu currently has two flagship products the Hyalu Water Volume Snail White Cream and the Snail Gel Cream, both of which can be used alone or in conjunction with each other depending on your skin type.

Focusing on the Snail Gel Cream, it claims to be a double action cream which has anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. It's main ingredients are the following:
  • Niacin amide - for lightening
  • Adenosine - for anti-wrinkle
  • Hyaluronic Acid - to help skin hold water and to protect the skin from bacteria and dust
  • 70% Snail Slime
  • Betaine - natural wetting agent
  • Natural extracts 
    • Centella extract - most commonly known as Pennywort. In Filipino it is called takip-kohol which coincidentally means snail lid.
    • Portulaca oleracea extract - rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other dietary minerals
    • Green tea extract - antioxidants

After reading the whole product overview and reading it's claims I was excited to try it out especially after the last snail product I tried to be a fail. I was praying that this product would work well for me this time. Also, I was quite taken by how it says that it is good for use in the summertime since it helps cool and soothe damaged skin.

The product is in tube packaging which is good because it is more sanitary this way. The actual product is thin and is slimy but not greasy on application which is a huge plus. It has a light cool, Aqua scent to it. The products that I have been receiving lately smells similar to each other that I'm running out of words to describe them.  Anyway I actually quite like this product in comparison to the last snail product I reviewed. This actually feels really cool to the skin and almost felt gel - like on application.  It is lightweight on the skin so it really is good for the summertime.  It provides adequate hydration to soothe my skin that has been out in the sun for the entire day. I can't say anything about it's whitening property since I didn't really see any whitening especially that I've constantly been out since it's summer.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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