Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 21 | Jessica

Ladies! I'm so sorry that this week's UMUF got delayed. I had so many things to do and I couldn't open the file that was sent to me and ugh. A lot of things happened. 

Anyway, here's UMUF's next featured blogger, Jessica! I found her through Instagram and I love her posts so much that I invited her to join in. Here's her UMUF post and don't forget to follow her on instagram @jessica_ie. Don't forget to follow me too for #fotd and #ootd posts @urhappybunnie! ^^

I actually don’t know what to say at first. But I want to thank Joanne to give me the chance to be featured on her ‘UMUF’! :D I saw Joanne on BNT news’ web and I thought ‘she’s so pretty T^T’ and bang! Glad that I know her now. xD I saw another UrMadeUpFace (creative title xD) girls which Joanne had featured, they all are beautiful and unique with their different ways, showing different beauties from different nationalities. xD I’m so excited and hope you guys enjoy having me on this post! *heehee*

*bows* My name is Jessica Ie and I was born in Indonesia and I’m currently 17. I still have Chinese blood-if you might wonder-because many people thought me I came from somewhere else on Earth like Thailand, Korea, Japan…….?*scratch head* 

I’m still a student and going to a collage soon. I love singing, dancing, doing makeup my grandma’s food….and I’m running my blog on (What a random name for a beauty blog—‘)

Normally when I do makeup, I barely have anything for background like TV or music. I don't really often watch tv '-') But I'm a bit perfectionist about how do I look so I usually do my hair too, like iron them with different styles each weeks. xD

So here's my Pink Pearly(?) FOTD :D