Friday, April 11, 2014

Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm Review

Bringing you today a product that has greatly changed my skincare routine, particularly my way of removing makeup!

The Verikos Deep Cleansing oil Balm is a meant for makeup removal while providing deep cleansing for the skin. It boasts of being a 5 free formula product (no paraben, artificial dyes, mineral oil, alcohol and synthetic perfume) especially great for those who have sensitive skin and those who likes vegan products. It contains 7 plant extracts and and various natural oils.

The product is in a solid form in room temperature and is housed in a white jar with a 100ml wort of product - definitely meant to last you for awhile even with frequent use. It also comes with a spatula for ease of use since it is in a solid form.

It is very easy yo use this product. scoop out an adequate amount (one scoop using the spatula is enough to remove makeup for the whole face) gently rub it all over your dry face. The solid oil will melt nicely on the skin, dissolving all makeup - including waterproof ones! The consistency of the melted oil will be slightly greasy but creamy. It is safe to use as an eye makeup remover as long as you gently massage the product onto the lids of the eyes. Don't be scared, but you will definitely have panda eyes if you're removing dark shadows, eyeliners and mascaras. Next step is to wet the face slightly and you will see the balm become a milky color. This will transform the product into a cleanser. Gently massage the face as you would with a normal facial cleanser and then rinse with warm water.

Surprisingly, this product doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy after rinsing. It takes ALL of the makeup off! No mascara or eyeliner residue! I usually have to go back with another cleanser and my Clarisonic Mia and I would definitely see makeup residue on my brush but with the Verikos Seep Cleansing Oil Balm, no residues. I don't need to go over with another cleanser because my skin is clean already. What's even great about this product is that it leaves the skin feeling moisturized too. The feel is very similar to using wash off massage creams. The skin also immediately looks fresh and brighter. :)

I am definitely a fan of this product and I highly recommend it. It has greatly changed my makeup routine and this is one product I would definitely repurchase. It's a bit hard to purchase this product in the US but I found that GMarket sells it online so check it out and also it's available on the Verikos website too! So far, all the products I've tried from this brand are great and I would definitely say that this is one brand that I truly and honestly recommend you to try out.


  1. This is too cool, Joanne! Seems to work just like Vaseline. c: In your opinion, does this balm cause clogged pores? If it doesn't , I may make the switch!


    1. No Cindy, it doesn't clog pores. It actually clears it up! :)

  2. Cleansing balms are awesome. I like that this one successfully removes even waterproof makeup. Thanks for the review xoxo <3

  3. I found that it didn't take off all my waterproof eye makeup or my eyelash glue- there were trace amounts left, but still this product is so much better than any other makeup remover I've tried. Plus I feel like it really cleans out the pores ^^

  4. interesting post dear !

  5. Wooooooooow Omgosh Joanne this is so cool!! Your demo was shocking!! I usually use multiple things to wash off my makeup too!! So maybe this is the product for me.


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