Wednesday, April 9, 2014

M-Chloi Hypoa Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream Review

Thanks to fellow BNT Girl Kim, I found myself directed to the M-Chloi's website. Kim has reviewed this product before I did so I used her review in comparison to mine today.

So this product, the Hypoa Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream that's main claim is to moisturize and calm skin. Well, what else is new for these type of cream products? Anyway, it claims to be a 24 hour long lasting moisturizing cream in soft volumized texture that soothes and emulsifies extremely dry skin. Keratin mimetic ceramide beads that resemble skin keratin restore skin barrier and enhance moisture releasing capability for supple, healthy skin. Contains aloe vera that is strong against dramatic temperature changes and soothes red skin damaged by cool and dry air and restores healthy and even complexion.

Just basing it on all these claims, it sounds like a good one but I had to try it out for myself to really see if it lives up to all these.

This 150 ml deep royal purple jar is huge - well, in my standards it is. It also comes with this unique looking spatula which I find more convenient than other spatulas. The cream is somewhat soft and runny and because of this kind of formula I accidentally tipped the jar on my table while it was open and sadly, a fourth of it spilled. It also has this slightly strong scent which reminds me of Black Cherry which I'm not really fond off. Although I find the scent quite offensive, I just like how it doesn't linger. The scent disappears after two minutes on your face.

With this being another "water drop" type of product, I wasn't really surprised when it felt like water on my skin when I applied it. The feel is very similar to the one I just recently reviewed, which is the Sorabee Balancing Cream. This is intensely hydrating and I could still feel the moisture on my skin on the mornings after. For my extremely dry skin, this gets a two thumbs up! However, I can't say I'm in love with this product as I am with the others but I am still fairly pleased with it. I just wish the scent is different or that it is not as strong as it is.  

 Well, Kim said she didn't like this product because it just didn't work quite well with her, but I think differently just because my skin (and definitely not my nose!) pretty much likes it.


  1. Does this product is sticky when you applied it to skin? Because i have a dry skin, specially that it's summer and the lotion im using now doesn't work really well.

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    1. Well, it feels like water so it's not sticky but it is a little bit thick so I don't recommend using this as a morning moisturizer. :)

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