Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dress Lily Accessories and Sexy Date Night Makeup Look

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't updated for 2 whole weeks. I was quite busy with something but I'm now back to my regular blogging schedule - reviews and makeup looks. I'm still postponing the Ur Made Up Face Series since I'm waiting for responses from the beauty bloggers I want featured. If any of you are interested to be featured, don't hesitate to send me an email ( I'm also accepting makeup look requests so tweet me or message me anywhere - Instagram/Twitter: @urhappybunnie.

A few weeks a go DressLily sent me this lovely necklace, a geo, statement necklace which you can use to glam up a casual outfit or wear to a fab night out or party. It's pretty well made for something that only cost $4. 

It's so chic that I decided to style it for date nights and red carpet events.


  • Maybellie Fit Me Foundation in 220 Natural Beige - Even for a night time look, I went with a light to medium coverage foundation since my skin has been quite good for the past months, only needing to even out the skin tone. I layered the foundation on the areas that needed more coverage (under the eyes)
  • NYC Sunny Bronzer - Ding the usual contouring - hollows of the cheeks, jaw, temples and sides of the nose.
  • NARS Blush in Mistinguette - Use a bright, baby doll pink for a fresh and healthy looking glow
  • NARS Highlighter in Devotee - Highlight the high points of the face where light naturally hits for a nice glow - forehead, tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, Cupid's bow and chin
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Believe - Skipping lipstick, I went for a non-sticky gloss with a slight plum tint to it.

Wet n Wild Brow Kit


I'm using neutral shadows from my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. I thought I'll bust out this baby and use it as much as I can since it hasn't been getting any love for the past year. Since I'm using neutral shades, this is very dupe-able so I'm sure you can find alternatives in your own collection.

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original - We want this eye makeup to last all night, so definitely use a primer.
  • UD Eyeshadow in Naked (Naked Palette) - With a fluffy blending brush (Sigma E25/MAC217) take this shadow and apply it on the crease as a transition shadow. This will just help things blend out seamlessly.
  • UD Eyeshadow in Deeper - Apply this right on top of the Naked using the same brush and blend it out.
  • UD Eyeshadow in MIA - Apply it on the outer V and deepen the crease with a crease/dome brush. Bring it inwards for a defined crease. Bring it on the outer half of the lower lash line and thoroughly blend out the harsh lines with a clean fluffy brush.
  • UD Eyeshadow Vanilla & Midnight Rodeo - With a flat brush, mix the two shades and pat it all over the lids, the inner corner and the inner half of the lower lash line. Go over with a brush you used for MIA along the crease to blend out the shadows. 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero - Use any black liner to tightline. 
  • Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Waterproof in Black - Line the upper lash line and wing it out as you like
  • Red Cherry False Lashes in 747S - Curl the lashes, apply one coat of mascara on the top of bottom lashes and apply falsies.

Hope you girls enjoyed this look! The necklace from Dress Lily really made this look so fab. Don't forget to check out Dress Lily for cheap and fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

[BNTGirls Collaboration] SNSD Sunny Mr. Mr. Makeup Look

Finally have a collaboration posts with my fellow BNTGirls, Kim, Carina, Alene, Iana and Rini. We might be late on the bandwagon but we did makeup looks based on Girl's Generation's Mr. Mr. MV which was released like around 2 months ago. 

Here's my take on Sunny's (my ultimate GG bias) makeup look from the MV.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 220
  • Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser Concealer in Medium
  • NYC Sunny Bronzer - slightly contour the face
  • NARS Highlighter in Devotee
  • MAC Riri Woo Lipstick

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Buck - Fill in the brows using the powder shadow
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion Original - Prime the eyes 
  • Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo in Bold Gold - Apply this on the first half of the lid as a base
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked - Apply this shadow with a flat shader brush on the first half of the lid on top of the base. 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Naked - With a fluffy blending brush, apply this on the outer half of the lids and also use this shade to blend out the harsh lines of Half Baked
  • Maybelline Master Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black - Apply the liner on the top and bottom lash line. Also use this on the water line and as a tightline. 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Darkhorse - With a smudge brush, smudge the gel liner on both top and bottom. For the bottom, once the shadow is applied on top of the gel liner, go over with a clean blending brush to soften the look.
  • Maybelline Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara in Colossal and Colossal Cat Eyes - I layered a lengthening and volumizing mascara

Don't forget to check out the makeup looks by the other BNTGirls, Rini, Kim, Carina, Alene and Iana!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 18 | Cindy N.

Hello everyone! So sorry there was no past last weekend, but here's another Cindy for today's UMUF! I hope you enjoyed her look as much as I did! The lenses she used are gorgeous! ^^

What's up, guys? Before I introduce myself, I want to just say thank you to Joanne for graciously inviting me to be part of her Ur Made Up Face series! I'm super excited and omg. *squealing* Can't wait to show you my FOTD-- it's inspired by The Beatles.
I'm Cindy! I write a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog called OhCindyrella ( and it's awesome to meet you guys! Come by and say hello-- and of course, join me on my adventures in my middle-of-the-desert hometown.

I like to think of myself as an artist. I'm about to become a brand-new RN (registered nurse, like Joanne!) 
My hobbies? That's easy-- I love trying new food (have you had Salvadorian? It's fab!), and my favorites are New Mexican breakfast burritos, pho, pizza, and Ghiradelli dark chocolate (nom!). 

In my free time, I paint with acrylics and watercolors. My favorite painting (and artist) of all time has got to be The Lee Shore by Edward Hopper (1941). His style is absolutely ethereal and reminiscent of an American spirit that no longer exists.

As I do my makeup, I love listening to my favorite album, #3 by The Script. Hall of Fame is a special song to me because it was the first song Al & I ever danced to together. :)
My Made Up Face is inspired by my vintage Beatles OOTD post! These are my products:
1. Super Plus BB Cream in Beige
2. Shiseido Eyelash Curler
3. Maybelline Lash Blast mascara
4. Naked Basics palette
5. Clean & Clear Morning Burst gel moisturizer
6. M.A.C. Blush in Fleur Power
7. M.O.D.E.L. 21 Lashes in 4L (long)
8. 3 W Clinic Soft & Clear liquid eyeliner

I start each day by cleansing my face, applying my favorite moisturizer, and putting on just a swipe of BB cream. Moisturizing is the most important step because dry skin equals flakey skin! I use no foundations or powders because I have combination skin. The BB leaves a lovely, dewy finish; it also creates the illusion of nice skin (which I don't have, lol). 

The Naked Basics palette is the only UD palette that I own; I love the colors, though! I'm definitely a matte shadow kind of gal. My glitter days are well behind me. 
I fill in my brows using an angled brush and a combination of the shades Naked 2 and Faint. 
My favorite eyeliner is definitely 3W Clinic's Soft & Clear liquid liner. It goes on so smoothly, does not clump, and evens out my eyelids (sometimes, I have one monolid and one creased lid). 

Sorry I didn't take a photo of it, but my favorite be-all,end-all mascara is Maybelline Lash Blast (yes, the orange one!) I love this mascara because it makes my skimpy lashes long and full-looking, without looking artificial.

My falsies are M.O.D.E.L. 21, a Vietnamese lash brand. It's fairly inexpensive, and each box comes with around 20 pairs. I ran out of clear glue, so I used the dark Star Glue. It works the same way, but you just have to be careful not to open your eyes before the glue is dry! 

Lastly, one beauty product I can't live without is probably BB cream. My skin used to be really bad, but I have been taking my skincare a lot more seriously. I almost said circle lenses, but I have ways to make my eyes stand out without them! BB Cream helps conceal some of the redness that I always seem to wake up with. BB cream fixes almost any skin disaster, so that's why I love having some on hand!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm Review

Bringing you today a product that has greatly changed my skincare routine, particularly my way of removing makeup!

The Verikos Deep Cleansing oil Balm is a meant for makeup removal while providing deep cleansing for the skin. It boasts of being a 5 free formula product (no paraben, artificial dyes, mineral oil, alcohol and synthetic perfume) especially great for those who have sensitive skin and those who likes vegan products. It contains 7 plant extracts and and various natural oils.

The product is in a solid form in room temperature and is housed in a white jar with a 100ml wort of product - definitely meant to last you for awhile even with frequent use. It also comes with a spatula for ease of use since it is in a solid form.

It is very easy yo use this product. scoop out an adequate amount (one scoop using the spatula is enough to remove makeup for the whole face) gently rub it all over your dry face. The solid oil will melt nicely on the skin, dissolving all makeup - including waterproof ones! The consistency of the melted oil will be slightly greasy but creamy. It is safe to use as an eye makeup remover as long as you gently massage the product onto the lids of the eyes. Don't be scared, but you will definitely have panda eyes if you're removing dark shadows, eyeliners and mascaras. Next step is to wet the face slightly and you will see the balm become a milky color. This will transform the product into a cleanser. Gently massage the face as you would with a normal facial cleanser and then rinse with warm water.

Surprisingly, this product doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy after rinsing. It takes ALL of the makeup off! No mascara or eyeliner residue! I usually have to go back with another cleanser and my Clarisonic Mia and I would definitely see makeup residue on my brush but with the Verikos Seep Cleansing Oil Balm, no residues. I don't need to go over with another cleanser because my skin is clean already. What's even great about this product is that it leaves the skin feeling moisturized too. The feel is very similar to using wash off massage creams. The skin also immediately looks fresh and brighter. :)

I am definitely a fan of this product and I highly recommend it. It has greatly changed my makeup routine and this is one product I would definitely repurchase. It's a bit hard to purchase this product in the US but I found that GMarket sells it online so check it out and also it's available on the Verikos website too! So far, all the products I've tried from this brand are great and I would definitely say that this is one brand that I truly and honestly recommend you to try out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

M-Chloi Hypoa Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream Review

Thanks to fellow BNT Girl Kim, I found myself directed to the M-Chloi's website. Kim has reviewed this product before I did so I used her review in comparison to mine today.

So this product, the Hypoa Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream that's main claim is to moisturize and calm skin. Well, what else is new for these type of cream products? Anyway, it claims to be a 24 hour long lasting moisturizing cream in soft volumized texture that soothes and emulsifies extremely dry skin. Keratin mimetic ceramide beads that resemble skin keratin restore skin barrier and enhance moisture releasing capability for supple, healthy skin. Contains aloe vera that is strong against dramatic temperature changes and soothes red skin damaged by cool and dry air and restores healthy and even complexion.

Just basing it on all these claims, it sounds like a good one but I had to try it out for myself to really see if it lives up to all these.

This 150 ml deep royal purple jar is huge - well, in my standards it is. It also comes with this unique looking spatula which I find more convenient than other spatulas. The cream is somewhat soft and runny and because of this kind of formula I accidentally tipped the jar on my table while it was open and sadly, a fourth of it spilled. It also has this slightly strong scent which reminds me of Black Cherry which I'm not really fond off. Although I find the scent quite offensive, I just like how it doesn't linger. The scent disappears after two minutes on your face.

With this being another "water drop" type of product, I wasn't really surprised when it felt like water on my skin when I applied it. The feel is very similar to the one I just recently reviewed, which is the Sorabee Balancing Cream. This is intensely hydrating and I could still feel the moisture on my skin on the mornings after. For my extremely dry skin, this gets a two thumbs up! However, I can't say I'm in love with this product as I am with the others but I am still fairly pleased with it. I just wish the scent is different or that it is not as strong as it is.  

 Well, Kim said she didn't like this product because it just didn't work quite well with her, but I think differently just because my skin (and definitely not my nose!) pretty much likes it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream Review

I have such a thing for aqua themed skin care products! I absolutely loved the Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and even if the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery BB Cream didn't work quite well as a moisturizer, it's great as a face primer!

Sorabee stands for Starfish Organically Radiates Beautiful Evolution - a really pretty name if you ask me. The Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream, is a skin care product that helps strengthen skin's own moisture balance and protective barrier. It contains starfish collagen, purity of sea water and phophyridium cruentum extract from plankton in ocean spa giving a moisturizing and elastic, radiant effect to the skin."

Containing 70g of product, it is housed in a blue squeeze tube container with a flip cover which helps for easy product dispensing. I kinda hate the fact that you have to twist open a cap and squeeze out product and then replace it back again once you're done so this one suits my taste perfectly.

I love how this product smells - it is very similar to the Nature Republic Cream I reviewed. There's something about "ocean-clean" scented products that just tickles my fancy - it smells manly. The product is a white, watery-cream formula. What's cool about this is that it actually forms "water drops" and when it does it feels absolutely on the skin. It feels like rubbing water all over the skin with a little bit of gel feel to it. Nothing unpleasant about it.

Here's a photo I found on that net on how the Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream is supposed to work on different skin types:

Skin Types Checking Program ; Different Water Drops' Formation

This balancing cream is supposed to be used on top of you face lotion but I don't think it's really necessary to do that. I think it works quite well under or on top of a moisturizer. Since it is a balancing cream and not really an intense hydrating cream, it is understandably milder than other cream products. Product texture and feel on the skin is very similar to the Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask though I prefer this more than that one.

Overall, it is moisturizing and definitely balances out the skin. It makes the skin feel more supple and radiant and is especially great for use during the daytime as it is of a mild formula.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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