Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 14 | Gin

I've always been interested in cosplay but I never really delved into it for a lot of reasons. First, although I enjoy anime a lot especially when I was in high school I didn't really think that I was otaku enough to do this kind of stuff. Second, cosplay is expensive and can take up a lot of time. I have a few friends that have enjoys cosplaying now that we are out of school, and I really envy them for having the time and talent to do all these.

With that being said, let me introduce you to one of the youngest blogger (14 years old) and cosplayer I've come across with, Gin! Here's her awesome and detailed Ur Made Up Face look. ^^ Hope you enjoy!

Hello there!
First off, before I introduce myself, let me thank Joanne graciously for allowing to do a blog feature. Her "UrMadeUpFace" is an ingenious idea, super happy I got the chance to do one!

So, my name is Gin.
Well, at least my online alias is.
My real name isn't too much of a mystery either, but I preferred to be called Gin on the internet. *^*

I'm 14 years old and currently in 9th grade. I actually started getting into make up around 7th grade, but now I've decided I want to pursue it. What better way than to start a beauty blog? Now, here I am, owner of gindoesbeauty.

In addition to make up, I also sing, draw, act, dance, and cosplay; you can read all about my cosplay adventures and youtube channel on my blog. ;>

Here's a small preview to a photoshoot post I'll be doing soon. B)

I usually listen to guitar or piano arrangements of songs when I do my make up.
AHHH SUNGHA JUNG. <3 His guitar playing is too amazing.
If I don't have music available, I hum~ The song I hum usually ends up deciding what colors and styles I use on my face, quite interesting!

Okiedoke. Let's get started! This is a quick and easy look I've been doing almost every morning!

Quick, only 10 minutes left until departure!"

Fantanbulous, this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.


Here we have the glorious bareface.

Ok, actually though, start off with washing and moisturizing. No one wants all that dirt stuck in their pores for an entire day.

Apply your favorite foundation, bb cream, or cc cream. I'm using a sample of the Etude House CC Cream I got from a recent buy. I didn't even apply powder because this product was so light. Make sure to do so if you use heavier products!

Fill in your brows and stain your inner lip with a pretty red.
Here, I used Tony Moly's Cat Chu Wink for my lips (Which I reviewed here.) and an eyebrow pencil I purchased from BornPretty.

Take a long lasting, brown eyeliner and line that eyelid with drama! I used Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.
Connect an angled line to your waterline; this completes the thick line. It has to end somewhere.
When you use a brown eyeliner, it allows much more room for movement and mistake because of it's subtlety. This makes it a perfect color choice when you're rushing.

If you have time, highlight the inner corners of your eyes. You'll seems more awake; that's always a good thing! I applied an eyeshadow stick I got from, yet again, BornPretty.

And you're done!
This look is super simple and enhances your looks in a very natural way. I don't like to stand out in school if I don't have to, so this make up look is perfect for me. I'd rather get 20 more minutes of sleep than spend 20 minutes on make up. HAHA

And of course, before I walk out, I have to grab my handy dandy EOS lip moisturizer.
That little egg is magical, I swear. Seriously don't know how I would survive without it. *A* <3


Thank you so much for reading and thank you Joanna for this guest post! <3
☆ gin ★


  1. Oh i love her quick natural makeup! She looks so cute!

  2. aaaaaa ///v/// Thank you so much once again! <3

    1. No problem Gin! I absolutely love you and your blog! Oh and I listen to Sungha Jung a lot too! :)

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  4. omo! She's soooo pretty ><
    I feel old and ugly T^T


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