Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 9 | Kine

I have gorgeous Kine, an Australian beauty and fashion blogger which is also a fellow BNTGirl for today's Ur Made Up Face. Her fashion sense is awesome! ^^ Let's check her out!

Hi readers! On the internet I go by Kine and I blog at I’m a full time student studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and some of my interests include: reading fantasy books, Pomeranians, beauty and travel. 
I do my makeup rather unglamorously, sitting on the floor of my room in front of my full length mirror. I have always wanted a dresser but my rooms have always been too small to fit one in! Les Miserables (the musical, not the movie) has been a lifelong dorky obsession of mine and I either listen to the soundtrack whilst getting ready or nothing at all. 

As mentioned previously, I am a fantasy fanatic and have been taking beauty inspiration from none other than the elves from the Hobbit movies. I find their angular features, silky skin, dark straight eyebrows and wood coloured clothing and makeup so beautiful! Here are my essential items to create this look:

Kate Eyeshadow palette in Green- a woody toned palette that adds brilliant sparkle to neutral shades.
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #27- my HG base makeup for perfect coverage.

Etude House Golden Ratio Highlighter- an interesting product that I am still testing out. I used the cream down the bridge of my nose and the liquid on my cheekbones. Highlighting is essential for making the face appear more dimensional and angular. 

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner in Choco Brown- my HG gel eyeliner on my lower lash line.

Visee Powder and Pencil Eyebrow- my current HG eyebrow product, one end has a ‘rectanglar’ pencil and the other contains powder to set.

The rest of the products I used are: Za 2 way powder to set, Wet n Wild Megaliner, Rosy Rosa natural false lashes and Kate liquid rouge lip gloss in a MLBB color.

As much as I would love to wear my hair down with braids like an elf, it’s simply not suitable for the brutal Australian Summer so scraped up in a high ponytail it remains. The reason for this look was simply to translate my current interests into a wearable daily look suitable for Uni. Although my inspiration  is not obvious at all, I know where it came from! I would say the one beauty product I couldn’t live without is my Missha Perfect Cover BB cream- it’s worked for me for years and I continue to reach for it constantly.

Thanks for the feature Joanne and I wish everyone a Happy New Year and coming Lunar New Year!



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