Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Limecrime Retrofuturist Lipstick Review & Swatch

 Finally had the time to review one of my favorite red lippie to date, the Limecrime Retrofuturist Lipstick. 

I got this lipstick from Urban Outfitters as a Christmas gift for myself since I've been dying to have a Limecrime Lipstick Collection for awhile now but I've every time I buy a new lipstick I always forget about this brand. Seeing that Urban Outfitters was doing free shipping with no minimum price purchase during the holidays, I took the chance to get one for myself and I picked the shade I would most likely get a lot of wear of.

The packaging is just so adorable! It comes in a purple bullet tube with holographic unicorn and stars design that just looks so nice sitting on the vanity. I must say that out of all the lipsticks I own this is has the best packaging!

Limecrime Retrofuturist is a red, blue based lipstick with a nice slightly glossy finish. It applies smoothly on the lips and the color is very opaque. It has a vanilla scent which is similar to MAC lipsticks. Because of the texture of this lipstick, it slips and tends to feather around the edges of the mouth so a lip liner is necessary if you want this full on on the lips. Because I'm not a huge fan of using lip liners, what I like doing with this particular lippie is to blot if off with a paper towel and smooth it out with my finger. This gives a stained lip effect and the great thing about it, is that even if the product is blotted, the lips are still nicely moisturized.

This has been my go to red lipstick for that soft berry stained lips. I have also used this lipstick for my Disney's Elsa Frozen Inspired Makeup Look.


  1. Oh wow this is so beautiful! First off, the packaging alone would be enough to get me to buy this because it's so cute haha! And secondly I love the colors and the pigmentation is out of this world!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Oh goshy! This is so pretty! *A* I absolutely love how vibrant it is. Deff have to get myself one of these babies. <3
    Thank you so much for the review! ///v///

  3. I've always loved the packaging on the LimeCrime products and their lipsticks are definitely still on my to-try list!

    You look gorgeous in Retrofuturist though doll!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  4. I've never tried Lime Crime but I like this color, perfect for Valentine's Day! I also prefer to wear lipsticks without liner and blotted with a tissue:). Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. That color looks great on you! Do you find it drying?

  6. Hi Joanne!

    You look good wearing the lippie! Where can we buy Limecrime lippies here in the Philippines? Are they available at SM malls?

    Thanks and Happy Valentine's day to you <3


  7. What a gorgeous shade of red! Looks amazing on ya :)


  8. I haven't tried anything from Limecrime yet, especially after reading about all their dramas etc, but what matters is whether the product works or not. And this color is amazing on you ^^


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