Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 8 | Yomi

Hello ladies! I'm really happy to bring you one beauty blogger every week and showing you their made up faces. Today I'm having Yomi who was also one of those bloggers that I did a giveaway collaboration with. Hopefully we would have more collabs in the future! ^^
Hi, I am Yomi from Gwiyomistyle. I think I was one of the first bloggers that got invited to do this series, but I keep on delaying and I finally finished it! I am not really good with makeups and learned a lot from my fellow readers and other bloggers. 

Because I am still experimenting with makeups and sometimes there are new products to try out, so I don't really have a specific one that I will do daily. But I mainly go for natural looks and I am sharing one of them with you girls now!

When applying makeups, I will sometimes search for a playlist of one of my favorite artist on youtube and listen to it. The most recent playlist I am listening to is Primary's. He is a Korean producer/composer for Korean hiphop musics. 

Makeup used 
Holika Holika Luminious Silk
Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick 201
Loreal Color Riche 303
Cutex Lasting Color Lipstick 97
Dolly Matte
Lioele Brush Pen Eyeliner
Any Dark Brown Eye Shadow

1. I applied the BB cream lightly over my face and more on areas that needs extra coverage, as a concealer.

2. Use the lighter shade of Revlon Stick all over my eyelid and then the darker one as a V shape on the outer side.

3. A thin line of Lioele Eyeliner

4. Use a eyebrow brush and can use any eye shadow that are close to your current hair colors. I picked a dark brown, since I have black hair a tiny bit of dark brown from what I have dyed before.
5. Put on the Cutex lipstick on the lips and then Loreal one on middle to highlight it.

Lioele BB cream is one of the products I cant live without! I have been trying to look for a better ones and always end up coming back to this BB cream. Because it match my skin color more and it has a really nice coverage. I am already using my third tube and might end up buying my fourth one soon, that's  if I still can't find a better one!


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  2. Yomi is so gorgeous naturally without makeup =) I love the no-makeup look on her! This is a nice series to feature other bloggers =)


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