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Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eyeliner in #L.O.V.E. Review + 3 Eye Looks

Stylenanda 3 Concept Eyes has a way of exciting me and making me fall in love with their products every time I get to try them out. I've been getting bright and bold products from the brand via my BNT Beauty Box and this one I'm reviewing today is no different. I never even thought of owning a red gel liner and I never thought I would be bold enough to rock it but I totally tried to make it work and I got some fairly good results.

The 3CE Gel Eye Liner comes in this box packaging along with an eyeliner brush. The jar itself has this square, rounded edge shape with a matte texture. I really like this packaging as opposed to other gel eyeliners I have just because it looks so chic. Fresh out the box, it has a protection seal which holds true to every 3CE product that I have received so far. The angled brush it comes with is flat, thin and has a bit of rounded shape to it but is firm and gives you enough control and precision to make fine lines.

The shade, #L.O.V.E. is a deep red. According to the product description on the Stylenanda website, it is matte shade with gold shimmer but my eyes probably was just blind to it but I could find no gold shimmer to this gel liner. The texture of this liner is so creamy and glides on so easily using the liner brush it comes with.

This product claims to be waterproof and smudge proof and it is once you give it time to set. On that note, I think this product is not as quick drying as some other gel liners in the market which leads us to it's pros and cons. For the pro, it gives you more to time to work the product on to your eyes, be it precisely lining the upper or lower lash line or if you're working with it as an eye base. For the con, well, if you're in a hurry you'll definitely have liner on your lids if you open your eyes too quickly after putting it on. I had to redo my other eye because I had the liner completely smudged on my lids after realizing it is not as quick drying as I expected it to be. It took me a good 2-3 minutes to have this liner completely dry up on my upper lash line.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product and I quite love it despite of the drying time issue. It adds a pop of color to a simple look and is fun to play around with. I also think that adding # to just the name L.O.V.E. is cute just like what they did in naming their eyeshadow #Saturn which is actually in a similar shade. This gel liner retails for $13.21 in Stylenanda.

I know you must be curious on how I would sport this liner with it being a bold color. This is not even something new but if you are like me who have never experimented with red liners before, this is very helpful.

3 Eye Looks ft. Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eye Liner in #L.O.V.E

1. Line the lower lash line for a pop of color - To prevent from looking like somebody sporting a pink eye, keep a fairly matte and nude eyelid. Line the upper lash line with a black liquid eyeliner and also make sure that you tightline with a black liner. Line the lower lash line with this red gel liner and with a brown eyeliner, apply it on the waterline. Dark circles are a no-no so conceal them so you don't look like a zombie or fresh from a crying session. Keep the face neutral and light with a slight bronzer and lightly tinted pink lips.

2. Create a double winged line on the upper lash line - Using the first look created, let's do a slightly edgier and sexy-cute look by topping that red liner on the lower lash line by a black brown shadow with a smudge brush. Simply add that red gel liner on top of the black liquid liner you placed on the upper lash line and extend the line a bit so that it peeks out from the corners of your eye creating a slightly double wing effect.

 3. Use the red gel liner as a base for red/rose tinged shadows - For an even glammed up look, add a little bit more liner on the lids and lightly blend the edges out with your finger. Apply a metallic rose shadow on the inner half of the lid. With a burgundy shadow, apply it on the outer V of the lid and make sure that the edges are nicely blended out. With a black shadow with red micro glitter, a black/red duo chrome shadow or simply just a black shadow, pat this near your upper lash line for a bit of a smoked out look. Using a black liquid liner, define those eyes again.

Which look would you rock?

Hope you enjoyed this review and makeup look(s) and found this helpful. ^^

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*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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  1. I like the 2nd look the best ^^ It does look really chic, and the packaging as well. I've heard about how 3CE has really good quality makeup but it's a bit expensive. I want to try this eyeliner though in black. Maybe it'd be nice during the summer if the heat doesn't affect it in any way ^^

    1. Most of their products are definitely on the higher end but some, like this liner is actually drugstore priced.

  2. looks great dear :) you have such a pretty eyes !! xx

  3. Beautiful makeup looks! Great job.

  4. Oh I so love that second eyeliner look! It gives the eyes a subtle pop! Love love love!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Ooh looks like it works well! And I'm feelin the first and second look :D

  6. These look so punk rock! *A* <3 I love 3CE, but their products are so expensive. ;v;
    I love how this shade is so pigmented. It's so cute that it's called #L.O.V.E!

    1. Thanks Gin! But yeah they can be a bit pricey. I agree the name is cute!

  7. The color shows up so well. I love the first look!! ^^ Having a pop of color at the bottom looks great! Thanks for the post :)

  8. Omg Joanne why did you have to remind me that Stylenanda makes a red eyeliner? -_- Red eyeliner is the bane of my wallet's existence hahaha. I LOVE red eyeliner so much. Wearing on the bottom only is my absolute favorite look, especially when I want to be lazy and not put black eyeliner on the top. This looks so cute on you. I like the idea of blending it just on the wing. Hnggggh...I need this. Great review!

    1. Really?! I honestly wouldn't even venture with red eyeliners if I didn't get this one in my box. I should definitely wear this look more often. Thanks Hime! :)

  9. The liner looks gorgeous on you doll!

    I love the deep red colour, and it's definitely something I would've strayed away from but I think I might give it a chance now! ;)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  10. Such a pretty colour!

    Ray | Obey Ray


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