Thursday, January 30, 2014

BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser Review

The Bubble Refining Cleanser is part of the Pore Tightening System Line from the Brand BRTC which has botanical ingredients that support sebum control and temporary pore contraction and creates refreshing smooth skin and contracts the appearance of enlarged pores and provides balanced care and elasticity to the skin. The Bubble cleanser is the 2nd step of this system and it is a rich foam with microfine oxygen bubbles that deeply penetrates the skin, removes pore-clogging dead skin cells and impurities as it softens and brightens rough, lifeless skin. The pH-balanced formula leaves skin soft and smooth without over-drying.

packaging always looks "clinical" and I like how they have a small product information leaflet inside their product boxes which is also translates in English that makes it so easy to determine what this product claims to do and it's particular ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, this cleanser has 3 main ingredients:
  • Bliue Phyto Complex - proprietary ingredient containing ECOCERT-certified lavender water; it alleviates skin stress, prevents skin dryness and itchiness, and soften rough scaly skin for the health of your skin.
  • Pore Tannin Complex - proprietary ingredient with natural tannins extract from 8 different bitter herbs which helps tighten enlarged pores and firm skin for a smooth, supple look.
  • Na-Complex - it is derived from botanical ingredients such as Neem, Sophora Flavescens root and grape fruit which helps prevent skin troubles, control sebum and soothe acne
The product itself is, as Carina described it, a "tinted (slightly green) gel formula." It has a slightly "bathroom cleaner" scent to it. Pardon the comparison but that's how it reminds me. I believe it has a bit of a lemon scent but one that I often find in bathroom cleaners.

The product is to be used on dry skin after general face cleansing so that it is clean and free from dirt and makeup. This product is supposed to "bubble" on your face, by bubble, I mean lather really nicely into a foamy consistency. The Oxygen component is to help in that department. While my fellow BNT Girl, Carina, found it lathering up on the back of her hand with only two pumps, and that being too much for her, I, however had the difficulty of making this product foam up really well. I tried using one pump, didn't work, tried two, didn't either... not until the fourth pump it did. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. On my face, I had to use at least 5-6 pumps of the product which is quite a lot if you ask me to get it to lather really well and to cleanse my skin.

Mind you, despite the difficulty I had when trying to determine how much product to use, the result was very good. It left my face smooth, soft and taut. The best thing was it didn't feel drying. I have also tried using this with my Clarisonic Mia and I was glad I did since it gave me even better results. Because of the Mia brush, it exfoliated my skin as well so all the dirt the clogged up my pores was thoroughly removed.

This product is meant as a deep cleanser which is to be used after regular face cleansing and is to be used only once or twice a week.

I actually really enjoy this product but for a 60ml bottle that I found retailing in various online shops (Amazon, RoseRoseShop, etc.) for around $18-$30, that is quite expensive. Well, I guess the quality of the product is worth the price anyway but I just don't like the fact that I have to use quite a lot of the product to give me the result I want from it.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brilliant Loveheart 3 Step Lip Essence Review

How irritating and painful it is to have have dry, chapped lips! I always have dry lips no matter the season so I always make sure that I have something to soothe it. For the past year, the Aquaphor Healing Ointment has been my HG remedy for chapped lips. It has done wonders to my lips and I usually apply it on my lips on the evening before going to bed and before doing my makeup in the morning. Recently, I've been trying out this lip essence from the brand Brilliant that was included in my BNT Beauty Box and although it's not really a remedy for dry lips, it has helped my lips a great deal during the past few weeks I've been trying it. 

The Brilliant Love Heart Lip Essence is the 3rd part of this 3 step lip care system. Step 1 is the Lip Mask that helps remove dead skin, Step 2 is the Lip Gel Patch which provides hydration and Step 3, the Lip Essence provides high moisture and adds a subtle pink tint to the lips.

The lip essence comes in this typical lip gloss tube packaging and it has a slanted plastic tip where you can dispense the product and can apply it at the same time. The product smells like peaches and if you are familiar with the Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream, it smells exactly like that. This lip essence is in a pastel pink color. On the lips, it goes on clear but given a few minutes it does turn the lips slightly pink but hardly noticeable for me.  

It is not a balm-type of product so it is not thick. It feels exactly like a lotion for the lips and upon rubbing the lips together, it feels a little bit greasy, like you have just eaten something oily. It is not that unpleasant of a feeling but it weirded me out on the first couple of times I've used it. As you can see on the photo above, before I applied the essence, my lips were dry and pale looking but after application my lips look moist and alive.

It is my first time trying out a lip essence and though it is not, as I said, a remedy for dry chapped lips, it is a great lip primer and moisturizer for mornings or before makeup application. If you're like me whose lips get extremely dry during sleep, then I suggest applying something thicker on the lips. This Brilliant Lip Essence has been in my makeup bag since I got it because it is very convenient to apply on the go and I can just apply it any time I feel like my lips are getting dry because of the cold weather.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

The Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is a gel-type cream thatis meant for combination skin type. It has been a recipient of many awards including Allure 2011. "It contains rich minerals from deep sea water and 30 kinds of pure mineral plants, delivering immediate hydrated purification. It works on the silicone gel network system, to create a thin protective film that prevents environmental damage. The natural moisturizing factors provide continuous hydration to your combination skin."


The product comes in the pretty aqua green packaging with the a "whipped" jar lid. The product itself is in a very pale shade of green and smells subtly like those fresh water based men's cologne (Davidoff's Cool Water, Acqua di Gio, and Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue to name a few).

The texture is smooth, creamy and a bit thick but once applied it feels light. It is hydrating but not as moisturizing as I really wanted a night cream to be. It sinks into my skin quickly too. Three minutes after application, my skin feels matte but not dry. Waking up the next morning, my skin felt the same - matte but not dry but not moisturized either; although it left my skin looking really bright and fresh.

The thing I've noticed about this cream is that because of it's gel-type consistency and feel, it leaves a layer on top of the skin which makes the skin feel really matte and flat - the kind of feeling after putting a face primer on. That's when I got the idea of using it as a daytime moisturizer/face primer for my makeup. Waiting approximately 2-3 minutes after application, the cream has sunk into my skin pretty well and left it really smooth and covered my pores pretty well. I applied a BB cream right on top of it and usually BB creams feel greasy on my skin and looks patchy but this time the BB cream went on smoothly and there were no patches at all. I was worried that I would be oily during the day because of the cream and the moisturizing property of the BB cream but much to my surprise, my face was matte the whole day and my makeup stayed on. BB creams generally last me for about 4 hours and then I would look like I don't have makeup on but I went on for 10 hours without retouching anything and my face was still perfect by the time I took everything off.

For my skin type which is mostly dry, this didn't work out quite well as a night time moisturizing cream because it was too light but it held up pretty well as a daytime moisturizer and face primer. I also found that this cream is mattifying if used as a face primer but gives just adequate hydration underneath makeup. It is definitely a product for combination skin.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ur Made Up Face 8 | Yomi

Hello ladies! I'm really happy to bring you one beauty blogger every week and showing you their made up faces. Today I'm having Yomi who was also one of those bloggers that I did a giveaway collaboration with. Hopefully we would have more collabs in the future! ^^
Hi, I am Yomi from Gwiyomistyle. I think I was one of the first bloggers that got invited to do this series, but I keep on delaying and I finally finished it! I am not really good with makeups and learned a lot from my fellow readers and other bloggers. 

Because I am still experimenting with makeups and sometimes there are new products to try out, so I don't really have a specific one that I will do daily. But I mainly go for natural looks and I am sharing one of them with you girls now!

When applying makeups, I will sometimes search for a playlist of one of my favorite artist on youtube and listen to it. The most recent playlist I am listening to is Primary's. He is a Korean producer/composer for Korean hiphop musics. 

Makeup used 
Holika Holika Luminious Silk
Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick 201
Loreal Color Riche 303
Cutex Lasting Color Lipstick 97
Dolly Matte
Lioele Brush Pen Eyeliner
Any Dark Brown Eye Shadow

1. I applied the BB cream lightly over my face and more on areas that needs extra coverage, as a concealer.

2. Use the lighter shade of Revlon Stick all over my eyelid and then the darker one as a V shape on the outer side.

3. A thin line of Lioele Eyeliner

4. Use a eyebrow brush and can use any eye shadow that are close to your current hair colors. I picked a dark brown, since I have black hair a tiny bit of dark brown from what I have dyed before.
5. Put on the Cutex lipstick on the lips and then Loreal one on middle to highlight it.

Lioele BB cream is one of the products I cant live without! I have been trying to look for a better ones and always end up coming back to this BB cream. Because it match my skin color more and it has a really nice coverage. I am already using my third tube and might end up buying my fourth one soon, that's  if I still can't find a better one!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Waterproof in Black Review

One of my makeup essentials are black liquid liners and I was just about to pop open a new one from my back ups when I found this Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Waterproof from my BNT Beauty Box.

The Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Waterproof in Black is quite unique in the sense that it comes in a white box with the body of the product in white with a black cap and a black clicker at the end. The applicator is a synthetic fiber brush that is tapered for precise line application.


To dispense the product, simply click the black button at the other end of the pen. I have found that clicking the button twice gives you the enough amount of product to do one eye. If you're a beginner, I wouldn't really recommend using brush tip liquid liners because they are mostly hard to control but this product actually is pretty easy to use since the fibers of the brush is really fine and doesn't go all over the place unlike some brush tip liquid liners tend to do. 

This product claims to be waterproof and I'm not gonna say it completely is but it is smudge proof and sweat proof. One of the problems I have encountered with using brush tip liquid liners is that they flake off after hours of wear but this product doesn't do that at all. I had no issues with the color fading as well and as you can see, this liner is extremely black and it stays that way until you remove it. It is fairly easy to remove this liner with a makeup wipe or makeup remover. It does come off with water but not too easily and I wouldn't recommend doing that anyway to remove eyeliners since rubbing is pretty bad for the eye area.

The finish for this liner is semi-glossy. Most liquid liners with brush tip applicators tend to be super glossy, whereas felt tip liner go on semi-matte and gel liners dry mostly matte unless they have some other finish to it. Drying time for this liner is quick so by the time you finish doing a precise wing you will be able to fully open your eyes without worrying about the product smudging onto your lids.
Liquid liners are quite tricky to deal with but the Graymelin Sharp Liner makes it easy for even beginners to experiment with. When I started playing with makeup, I actually used brush tip liquid liners and I think it would've been easier if I had found this product then. Application is so easy and it gives you a precise line plus the white packaging makes it easy to spot among all the other pens and liners in my cup holder.
*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Verikos Choc Choc Tint in Amanda Pink Review

Lip tints are versatile, easy to use products that provide long lasting lip color. I remember back in college the only lip product I would put on my lips was a lip tint. Based on my observation, a lot of younger Asian women prefer using tints as opposed to lipstick since lip tints look more natural and subtle.
Verikos Choc Choc Tint is an all in one lip tint that claims to be a lip gloss and lip tint in one and is long lasting. The product comes in this black tube that is similar to lip gloss tubes in length but wider than most in the market.
This lip tint comes in three shades, Amada Pink, Kristen Burgundy and Camila Orange. I have absolutely no idea why the brand has named the shades as such but Amada Pink sounds nice and that is the color I got. It is a nice bright pink that complements my skin tone really well.

Among all the tints I have tried, the texture of this Choc Choc tint is different. Lip and cheek tints usually come in liquid or gel formula but this one is soft and creamy, very similar to liquid lipsticks and to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. It comes with a doe foot applicator for ease of application.

I am very pleased with this product that I have been wearing it constantly since I got it. One swipe on your lips gives you a nice wash of color. Two layers of this tint will give you a full lip coverage and the final look will be similar to that of a lipstick. Since the formula is creamy, it does provide a slightly glossy finish that will eventually wear off after 30 minutes but it is not as drying as most lip tints in the market. The stain that it leaves your lips lasts for a good 4-5 hours even through eating and drinking. Because it is a tint and because of the doe foot applicator, I find it so easy to reapply this product even if you don't have a mirror since you don't have to be completely precise about it. 

Overall this product is great and I am very happy with the shade that I got. I have always liked lip tints but I have stopped using them for awhile. I'm glad that I have rediscovered my love for tints through this product. I highly recommend this product!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eyeliner in #L.O.V.E. Review + 3 Eye Looks

Stylenanda 3 Concept Eyes has a way of exciting me and making me fall in love with their products every time I get to try them out. I've been getting bright and bold products from the brand via my BNT Beauty Box and this one I'm reviewing today is no different. I never even thought of owning a red gel liner and I never thought I would be bold enough to rock it but I totally tried to make it work and I got some fairly good results.

The 3CE Gel Eye Liner comes in this box packaging along with an eyeliner brush. The jar itself has this square, rounded edge shape with a matte texture. I really like this packaging as opposed to other gel eyeliners I have just because it looks so chic. Fresh out the box, it has a protection seal which holds true to every 3CE product that I have received so far. The angled brush it comes with is flat, thin and has a bit of rounded shape to it but is firm and gives you enough control and precision to make fine lines.

The shade, #L.O.V.E. is a deep red. According to the product description on the Stylenanda website, it is matte shade with gold shimmer but my eyes probably was just blind to it but I could find no gold shimmer to this gel liner. The texture of this liner is so creamy and glides on so easily using the liner brush it comes with.

This product claims to be waterproof and smudge proof and it is once you give it time to set. On that note, I think this product is not as quick drying as some other gel liners in the market which leads us to it's pros and cons. For the pro, it gives you more to time to work the product on to your eyes, be it precisely lining the upper or lower lash line or if you're working with it as an eye base. For the con, well, if you're in a hurry you'll definitely have liner on your lids if you open your eyes too quickly after putting it on. I had to redo my other eye because I had the liner completely smudged on my lids after realizing it is not as quick drying as I expected it to be. It took me a good 2-3 minutes to have this liner completely dry up on my upper lash line.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product and I quite love it despite of the drying time issue. It adds a pop of color to a simple look and is fun to play around with. I also think that adding # to just the name L.O.V.E. is cute just like what they did in naming their eyeshadow #Saturn which is actually in a similar shade. This gel liner retails for $13.21 in Stylenanda.

I know you must be curious on how I would sport this liner with it being a bold color. This is not even something new but if you are like me who have never experimented with red liners before, this is very helpful.

3 Eye Looks ft. Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eye Liner in #L.O.V.E

1. Line the lower lash line for a pop of color - To prevent from looking like somebody sporting a pink eye, keep a fairly matte and nude eyelid. Line the upper lash line with a black liquid eyeliner and also make sure that you tightline with a black liner. Line the lower lash line with this red gel liner and with a brown eyeliner, apply it on the waterline. Dark circles are a no-no so conceal them so you don't look like a zombie or fresh from a crying session. Keep the face neutral and light with a slight bronzer and lightly tinted pink lips.

2. Create a double winged line on the upper lash line - Using the first look created, let's do a slightly edgier and sexy-cute look by topping that red liner on the lower lash line by a black brown shadow with a smudge brush. Simply add that red gel liner on top of the black liquid liner you placed on the upper lash line and extend the line a bit so that it peeks out from the corners of your eye creating a slightly double wing effect.

 3. Use the red gel liner as a base for red/rose tinged shadows - For an even glammed up look, add a little bit more liner on the lids and lightly blend the edges out with your finger. Apply a metallic rose shadow on the inner half of the lid. With a burgundy shadow, apply it on the outer V of the lid and make sure that the edges are nicely blended out. With a black shadow with red micro glitter, a black/red duo chrome shadow or simply just a black shadow, pat this near your upper lash line for a bit of a smoked out look. Using a black liquid liner, define those eyes again.

Which look would you rock?

Hope you enjoyed this review and makeup look(s) and found this helpful. ^^

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*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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