Monday, December 23, 2013

Hyorin One Way Love MV Inspired Makeup Look

One of my favorite Kpop group is SISTAR and the main vocal, Hyorin is particularly my bias. She is a powerhouse singer; she can hit those high notes and low notes, and she is sexy. I've seen a lot of hate comments on her looks that she is ugly, but Hyorin is beautiful in her own way and definitely not ugly!

Anyway, she came out with her solo debut and she is promoting two songs as of the moment, Lonely and One Way Love. Today I'm gonna try and recreate her look from her One Way Love MV.

My eyes and face shape is so different from Hyorin so this won't exactly look identical but hopefully it will be similar enough.

This post goes out to Mizu of Mizu's World who requested that I do a tutorial on this! ^^ :) 


  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Foundation in Medium Beige
  • Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Concealer in Medium 28
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze - just lightly contour the cheekbones and the temple

  • Lioele Auto Eyebrow in Natural Brown
  •  Apply a black base on the eyelids, I'm using NYX Glide on Pencil in Jet Black all over the lid and lightly blending out the edges with my finger
  • With a flat brush, pat on Crave from UD Naked Basics to the outer corner of the lid and then taking a clean blending brush, blend the harsh lines
  • Apply Smog from UD N1 to the inner half of the lid and with the same clean blending brush, blend together Crave and Smog. 
  • With the tip of the flat shadow brush, apply Smog under the lower lash line.
  • Apply W.O.S. underneath the brows for a brow bone highlight.
  • Apply a brown or black liner along the rim of the eye, NYX Glide On Liner in Brown Perfection
  • Curl the lashes and apply natural looking false lashes, Salon Perfect #53.

  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in 901D Think Pink - apply on the outer part of the lips
  • Glam Works Strawberry Red Lip and Cheek Tint - apply on the center of the lips and blend out with your finger to create a gradient lip

Here's the final look!

I hope you enjoyed this simple recreation of Hyorin's look. I'll leave you guys with her music video for One Way Love (I think this song is very catchy but doesn't really showcase her powerful voice but I really like it). ^^

Merry Christmas everybody! I'll have another post up on the 26th! See you then! ^^


  1. Great job channeling Hyorin's look! Even though your facial features are different, I'd say you still nailed it. I actually prefer your eye makeup over hers. Nicely done, Joanne!

    1. Thanks Terri I'm glad you like it. I wasn't really sure about this look coz i couldn't channel her facial expression and I wasn't sure if I got her makeup right.

  2. The eyemake up you did is perfect! *A* <3 I love it~
    I have to say, you really did recreate her look perfectly! I think that lip color really matched it well.
    Amazing recreation!

    1. Thanks Gin! I'm really glad you liked this one!

  3. Oooh it makes me so mad that people say she's ugly. She doesn't look Korean IMO, she looks a lot like my mom who is Filipino. Are we ugly because our skin is darker and our nose is wider? Hmm...not fair, she's so talented. I wish people would stop hating on her.

    1. True! She doesn't look Korean at all except her eyes probably. I guess for Korean standards she is tan but she isn't really dark.

  4. you totally rocked the look!! love the eye makeup, those curls and the mint color top you are wearing!!
    following you ~


  5. Wow! You totally rock with this look Joanne..
    I am a fan of SISTAR too :)

    Secrets Of Camille


  6. Hello dear! Nice blog. I find you post very interesting)

    Lets follow each other on GFC?


  7. Joanne I'm in love with your eye makeup <3 so pretty and thank you for this tutorial ^^ I like hyorin too :D

  8. nice look, Joanne! :D
    and i really love her voice too, so powerful <3

  9. I love Hyorin and her amazing vocals! She caught me with her cover of Hurt by Christina Aguilera. Been a fan ever since. I agree, your eye makeup is better than Hyorin's! Awesome re-creation! :)

  10. Holy.... LOVE THIS LOOK JOANNE!!!!! :) Finally got around to seeing this! :) Really adore this look! :) You really did a very very very good job! :) I will definitely have to try this... the eye makeup looks hard lolz It's going to be hard! Hope the holidays went good for you! :) Also hope to see more of this! :)


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