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FAQs: Big Eye Circle Lenses & Giveaway

Big eye circle lenses, big eye contact lenses, big eye colored contacts, circle contacts etc. are the many different names of “Circle Lenses”. It is the latest Korean fashion trend that seems to strengthening its roots not only in Asian region but also in Europe and States. Celebrities from west are often spotted wearing big eye circle lenses; true- this has helped penetrating the trend of wearing big eye circle lenses among the masses.

Though big eye circle lenses have now become the necessity of a “teen-age fashion wardrobe”; there exist some concerns which make people feel hesitant to try big eye circle lenses. In Korea/ Japan Ulzaangs, Lolittas, Gyarus and Kawaiis have together worked in eliminating the misconceptions about big eye circle lenses. It is necessary to understand that as long as you are taking your big eye circle lenses as a medical device instead of a mere fashion accessory; you are free to rock the stage! Below are some FAQs to help beginners understand the trend and make them aware of the precautions required.

What are big eye circle lenses?
Big eye circle lenses are special contact lenses that make your eyes appear bigger, wider and beautiful. The presence of the limbal ring (outer dark ring) plays an important role in giving your eye a dolly-eye or doe-eye effect. 

2       What is the difference between big eye circle lenses and colored contact lenses?
The main difference is the size. Normal colored contact lenses are for changing the color of the eyes only. On the other hand big eye circle lenses not helps changing the color but also adds to the diameter of the eye. Big eye circle lenses are more versatile than colored contact lenses and are available in hundreds of patterns and styles. 

3       Can I wear Big Eye Circle Lenses?
Yes and No. If you love transforming your eyes into bigger, wider and beautiful dolly eyes than you should get big eye circle lenses for yourself. However; you should first acquire some basic makeup skills with circle lenses before getting a pair because big eye circle lenses when worn without makeup may push the whole personality down. If you do not want to enlarge the iris of your eyes big eye circle lenses are not for you.

Are there any big eye circle lenses for a natural look?
Yes; big eye circle lenses with diameter 14mm are considered natural big eye circle lenses. Big eye circle lenses even with 14mm diameter (diameter of human eye) make eyes bigger due to the presence of limbal ring. 

5     Is it safe to wear big eye circle lenses?
Yes; it is totally safe to wear branded big eye circle lenses. Branded big eye circle lenses manufacture their products under hygienic environment and have therefore achieved several certifications which guarantee the safety of your eyes. Check out for the big eye circle lenses’ brands that are ISO, KFDA, USFDA and KGMP approved

6     Are big eye circle lenses available in prescription?
Yes, there are prescription big eye circle lenses available with no difference in design, size and pattern. They work as normally as non-prescription big eye circle lenses. Keep in mind prescription of big eye circle lenses is different than prescription of glasses.

7      How to know that big eye circle lenses are not suitable for me?
If on wearing big eye circle lenses you notice any of these symptoms; immediately put them off. Trace the reason that is causing the discomfort.  Then you can easily deal with uncomfortable big eye circle lenses. If you have been wearing big eye circle lenses regularly and out of a sudden they get blurry for no apparent reason; this is how you reduce the blurred vision whilst wearing big eye circle lenses.  

8       How to choose big eye circle lenses?
Always keep in mind your natural skin tone, hair color and eye color before making a selection. Follow the tips shared here about choosing big eye circle lenses according to skin tones. There are also special types of circle lenses for special occasions such as Halloween crazy circle lenses and circle lenses for brides!

9       Ok, what is meant by limbal ring, base curve, water content etc.?
There are different parts of big eye circle lenses. Without proper knowledge and understanding of every part; it is almost impossible to get the right pair for your eyes. Learn in detail about these different parts in the “Glossary of Big Eye Circle Lenses”

1     I am a boy; are there any big eye circle lenses for me?
Congratulations; yes! Being a boy does not restrict you from wearing big eye circle lenses. Men should choose natural big eye circle lenses- circle lenses with natural patterns and design. Here are some hot selling big eye circle lenses for men

Big eye circle lenses are not only the fashion trend; but have also a functional value to serve. They can be used even for the vision correction along with the style statement. However; one must be careful enough before buying lenses. Always consider these four factors when placing an order for big eye circle lenses to make a wise purchase. If you are new to this trend and afraid of wasting your money; then cheers. You can now win free big eye circle lenses for a trial! 


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