Thursday, November 28, 2013

Graymelin Vintage Seven Tattoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown Review

Korean style eyebrows (straight, thick and natural looking) have been getting so much love lately since it gives off such a youthful look as opposed to highly thin and arched brows that gives off a strong a mature vibe.

I have recently received the Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow which I thought was the perfect excuse to try on other brow products since I only have been using the Wet n Wild Brow Kit which I consider as my Holy Grail product. I don't have much luck in using other brow products except for brow gel and brow powder and I remember the last time I used an eyebrow pen and eyebrow pencil I looked like I just gave myself super thick brows that were quite unnatural, which isn't very flattering. I'm either just too heavy handed for such products or I just used the wrong kind of products. 

The Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow is an eyebrow pen that, thanks to fellow BNTgirl Kine, who made her review on the product first, informed us that the "seven" pertains to seven days and this is how long this product lasts on your brows even after washing. I have tried to do my own research on this product as well but all I got were photos of the product with information written in Korea. The box packaging didn't help either because it is also written in Hangul and sadly I cannot read it. I did however find a similar product which is the Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow that says to last around 3-7 days and doesn't fade even with washing. 

This is a typical pen liner, the only difference is that it has a really fine felt tip and is not overly wet upon application thus mimicking fine hairs when drawing.  

I have actually tried this product once before I actually took pictures. I always try do my product reviews and photos using the products after trying them out but since I have no idea that this product actually lasts even after washing, I have to show you my already slightly tinted eyebrows and not my originally really sparse brows.

My brows after 3 days of one use of the Seven Tattoo Eyebrow  - as you can see my brow is still pretty sparse but there is a very slight tint to it but it's barely noticeable.

My brows after slightly filling in it with the Seven Tattoo Eyebrow - you can definitely tell the difference from the picture before this one that this is slightly filled on the bottom part of the brows. I haven't defined the brows yet in this photo

My brows after filling them all in and defining it - I admittedly got a bit carried away again and became a bit heavy handed but for me this thickness is quite okay with me since I have really sparse brows to begin with. No worries still because the product does take time to dry and set so using a spooly to brush, blend and lighten the product on the brows can still be done.  

I actually believe this is a good product however I can't get over the fact that it takes me a while to do just one brow. Since one stroke creates one fine brow hair, filling in all the sparseness in my brows just takes so much time. As for the claim that it lasts for seven days, well, I think it does leave a slight tint on the brows but it does not necessarily last for seven days. As you can see on the first brow photo above, after 3 days and one use my brows was still a bit sparse. After my second use of the product however, I did notice that there was a significant change on my brows; they were still filled the next day even after thorough makeup removal and cleansing although it was a little bit faded. Having it fade a little bit wasn't that bad because it gave me a more natural look. This product will last for a good four to five days after using it for the second time but it will  definitely last seven days after just one use.

 As I mentioned earlier, I tried this product before I took photos and I also swatched it. I did a few strokes on the back of my hand to see how the brush and the product works. I also tried pushing the brush tip more into the skin to dispense more color. Since at that time I didn't know that this was going a product that will last even after washing, imagine my surprise after 3 days to find that my initial swatches was still stained on the back of my hand. 

 Photos above the stain that the product left after I swatched them. This was taken after 3 days (and with constant handwashing) 

The verdict? Well, with the henna-like staining power of this product, it is definitely something that I would continue to use whenever I feel like my eyebrows need a lot of help because of how sparse they look. It is also something that I would reach for if I need something waterproof for my brows as well as use if I know that I would have hectic days ahead and just wouldn't be bothered to spare an extra minute to work on my brows. If you are looking for something that really lasts for a week, then no, this is not that product for you but I think this is a great product to carry with if you're going on vacation because all you have to do is touch it up. I don't think this will replace my Wet n Wild Brow Kit either as my Holy Grail product but I am glad I get to try this. I at least tried to venture out of my comfort zone and tried an eyebrow pen. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you for nominating me for this award but im.not gonna do the tag again because I believe I've done it at least twice before.:) I'm really honored that you chose me thoigh. Thanks again!

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  5. Interesting! I may have to try it , cant believe that stain was still there hahaa.
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    There is also a 10% discount code for House of Bounty!
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    Stay pretty honey, xxxx

    1. Can't believe it either when I first tried it out!

  6. Whoa, the stain was still there?
    But really, I need this! (to draw moustaches on peopleI MEAN-) My brows are super thin as well and needs the extra color. *A* Do they have these in a lighter brown color?\
    Thank you so much for the review! <3

    1. Unlimited face moustaches! I LOLed! Haha anyway I don't think they have any other shades except for this one. Checked their website but only found the dark brown available. If used lightly it can come of lighter too though I'm not sure that the stain will last that long. You can check out other reviews from fellow bntgirls Rini and Kim on this product too. Here are the links

  7. OMG! I wanna try it soon! :) Thanks for review :)
    I'm your new followers anyway. I'm waiting for you :)

  8. Wow this lasted quite a while on you! I am actually still using this every day on holiday and it still washes off each night like clockwork :P. I'm starting to think I should tattoo my eyebrows on hehe! Are you still using this and do you think it's worth the fuss?

    1. I still use it but I still need to fill in my eyebrows after 3 days. It looks okay on the second day though. I'm surprised it doesn't come off after one wash even if I use my Clarisonic. :)


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