Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Red Lips for Fall: My Favorite Red Lipsticks

Hello lovely ladies! It's finally the fall season and the days are getting chilly here in the East Coast.

Here's my favorite red lipsticks for the fall season. I hate the cold weather but I absolutely love the fall and winter fashion and makeup. Unlike most though, I don't really lean towards a darker lip color, although I do wear darker lips occasionally during this season. I just gravitate on smokey neutral eyes and bright, bold, red lips - a classic look.

I am currently enjoying 6lipsticks which are the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 10 Beso, Wet n Wild Wet n Wild 909D Coral-ine, 911D Spotlight Red, MAC Riri Woo, Estee Lauder Maraschino,and Clinique Citrus Rose. These lipsticks are of different shades of red and all have different formulas and finishes.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 10 Beso

I actually haven't done a review or a haul featuring this product but I actually got in my Birchbox. I think it was my August Birchbox because I remember I made a post on Birchbox products I was loving and that was just posted a few days before my Birchbox arrived for August. 

I absolutely love this product. It is a liquid lipstick and it's so creamy and just glides on so smoothly on the lips. It has a doe foot applicator that would actually be quite perfect if this color isn't as bright as this. Since this very opaque and creamy, you have to be careful in applying this product or you would get it all over the place and that isn't really good if you're having red lips. It dries off matte and definitely stays on your lips not all day as it claims, but for a really long period of time (it lasted me 6 hours before seeing a little bit of fading). It does transfer lightly onto a cup or a tissue for the first 30 minutes but after that you're good to go. I did my own test on how well it stays with eating and drinking and it held up quite well. It doesn't dry off as quickly so you still have time to perfect your lips. I usually just apply it right in the middle of my lips with its applicator and then press my lips together. I take a lip brush or any synthetic small brush at hand and perfect the edges. If there are some spaces not filled I just add a little bit more of the product using the brush. 

Out of all the red lipsticks I will feature here this is the brightest and is the closest shade to MAC Riri Woo.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 10 Beso

Wet n Wild 909D Coral-ine

Wet n Wild Coral-ine is one of my all time favorite lipsticks. It is just perfect for any time of the year. It has orange undertones thus it leans to the coral side. I wouldn't really call this a coral shade since it is obviously more red than coral. On my skin tone however, it sometimes does appear to be a true coral rather than red. As confusing as that may sound, you are free to judge based on the photo below. I still believe it is fall appropriate and is in my top lipsticks for fall.

Texture-wise this lipstick goes on smooth on the lips. It is not a long lasting lipstick and you do have to reapply at least every 2-3 hours. For a drugstore brand it is actually one of the cheapest lipsticks out in the market with good quality. I believe this lipstick retails for $3.99. The packaging is the only thing that's horrible about this product. The tube is made of plastic and the tube doesn't really scream elegant. I had some bad issues about their packaging but for it's price I guess I can't really complain that much.


Wet n Wild 909D Coral-ine - with this lighting it does look corally pink rather than red with coral undertones

Wet n Wild 911D Spotlight Red
So sorry that this photo made my hand look so old and withered. I have another photo at the bottom that turned out like this. I have no idea what happened since everything was okay when I was taking the photo and when I was editing it but for some reason it just became like this when I uploaded to blogger. :( 

Wet n Wild Spotlight Red is a cooler shade of bright red with it's blue undertones. It has the same texture and wear (2-3 hours without eating or drinking) as the Coral-ine. Both lipsticks have a creme finish so it is moisturizing on the lips. 

Wet n Wild Spotlight Red

MAC Riri Woo

I actually just reviewed MAC Riri Woo a week ago so you can head over there to check out the full review. I am really in love with this lipstick. This is also a cool-toned red lipstick but it is warmer than Wet n Wild Spotlight Red. The only issue I had with matte lipsticks is that it is so hard to apply since the formula is drier. I actually had a bad experience while applying Riri Woo on my lips for this blog post - I broke Riri Woo since I was applying lipsticks on my lips for lip swatches and I completely forgot that it is a MUST to moisturize the lips first before applying this particular lipstick. :( Now that my Riri Woo broke I actually have an excuse to purchase another one in the Riri Hearts MAC for Fall packaging. Anyway, as I was saying, since this is a much drier formula, you must prep the lips first with a lip balm and then wipe away the balm before applying this lipstick or else this would lipstick would absolutely feather around the edges of your lips.

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Maraschino

This is included in the Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting line. The packaging of my lipstick is  different from the ones they carry nowadays since I believe I got this a few years back and it was from a holiday set. This lipstick is a warm shade of red that has a subtle gold sheen to it. It goes on silkily along the lips and I didn't have any hassle putting it on. It is truly a long lasting lipstick (5-6 hours before fading is noticed) and it is highly pigmented as well.

Going back to old blog posts of mine, I actually put up an Estee Lauder Lipstick Collection. I have quite a handful of these Estee Lauder lipsticks since my mom and my aunt always give them to me as gifts for the holiday. You can go check out my small collection of these lipsticks in the link above. When I checked that particular post I saw another red lipstick that would've made it on my top fall lipstick, it is in the shade Fig. I checked out my whole lipstick collection but to my surprise I couldn't find it anymore.

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Maraschino

Clinique Lipstick in Citrus Rose
Another horrible photo. I don't know how it happened. So sorry. :(

Last but not the least is this Clinique High Impact Lip Color with SPF 15 in Citrus Rose. It is the only one in my fall red lipstick collection that has SPF. It is a warm rusty-rose shade that compliments my skin tone very well. It is the least bright amongst the 6 of them and I wear it on the days that I want a muted red lip. It is also the best when it comes to application since I don't have to be careful with it. I don't have a problem with it feathering either so it's a great red lipstick without wearing any lip pencil underneath. This has the same moisturizing feel as the Estee Lauder lipstick that is really great for the cooler weather since lips are easily chapped during this season.This lipstick wears pretty well throughout the day and like the Estee Lauder, around 5-6 hours before any fading is noticed.

Clinique Lipstick in Citrus Rose

I hope all you lovely ladies like my choices for lipsticks for fall. If you have a post on your top fall lipsticks please leave it on the comments down below. I would love to see your choices and maybe I would even try them out myself! Rock those sexy lips with red lipsticks this season!

Always stay pretty!


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  4. Gorgeous red lipsticks and they all look great on you.

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  8. The Stila liquid lipstick looks gorgeous! I don't rock red lips but you pulled it off so well.

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    1. Thank you. Try it once in a while. Never hurts to. :) You might just like it.

  9. I'm sporting red lips today! ;) Have a good one dear!

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  11. You look great with all of them! I look kind of funky if I ever go all out red on my lips T.T No clue why. I love the Wet N Wild Coral-ine one, I have a thing for corals haha. Will be tuning in for more posts! :)


    1. Hi Mizu. Just try giving red lipsticks a go. I couldn't wear them before either coz they look funny on me until I played around with it and found something that went well with it (eyeliner and mascara/falsies) and suited me. :)

  12. They all look great, I'd be really interested if you would share how well they last through the day. How often are you having to reapply etc. Thanks

    1. Hi, I did include how well they wear throughout the day in the post.

  13. the lipsticks look wonderful on you.even better that you're statisfied with them :)
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