Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BRTC: Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence Review

Ever tried a serum and never got results after using for awhile? Well, this product right here, sent to me by BNTNews International was included in my beauty box, gave me amazing results since the first day I started using it.

The Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence is part of the Jasmine Moist System Line released by Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics (BRTC).

The Jasmine Moist System is turns "dry and dull skin moist and lively with aromatic flower ingredients from jasmine."

3 Functions of the Jasmine Moist System
  1. Balance care
  2. Wrinkle improvement 
  3.  Intensive moisturizing

The BRTC Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence is a dual-layered whipped serum for soft skin: "This gentle serum sans synthetic emulsions and parabens adds a nice dewy glow to your skin for a healthy look; skin-affinitive natural oils and emulsifiers create a protective barrier and increase skin's moisture retaining ability for a long-lasting comfort and softness."

Main Ingredients:
  • KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) Notified Functional Ingredients - functional ingredients for wrinkle improvement listed in KFDA notification for its safety and effectiveness
  • Blue Phyto Complex - proprietary ingredient containing ECOCERT-certified lavender water; it alleviates skin stress, prevents skin dryness and itchiness, and soften rough scaly skin for the health of your skin.
  • Purple Vigor Complex - proprietary ingredient infused with the energy of purple plants tat combat and repair sun damage by aging and environmental contaminants for soft youthful skin.

The packaging is very pretty - purple ombre bottle, which I'm very fond of since I really love the purple color. It's heavy, feels and looks high end. This is a full-sized bottle that contains 30mL of product. 

The cap twists off and is attached to a glass dropper that dispenses the product. It is perfect for controlling the amount of product to be used however there is an issue of spilling the product by accident since it is an open top. 

Since this a dual-layered serum and is basically oil and water, you should shake the bottle to mix them together before application to clean skin. Using 5 drops of the product, I dispense a drop at a time on my fingers and pat it dry on my clean face. 

This product is amazing! I have previously been using a serum but since I ran out a month or two ago I didn't purchase another one. I have adjusted my night time skin care routine to fully test out this product. I usually wash my face, spritz toner over my face and put a moisturizing cream and eye cream.

On the first two nights of using it, I removed a few steps in my routine just to see how it works and how it fares - applying the Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence right after washing my face and eliminating the toner and moisturizer application. Unlike other serums which are thicker in consistency, this product is very watery and literally feels like water once applied to the skin. It doesn't feel like you put anything on your skin except water. The jasmine scent smells heavenly too. It wasn't strong and too floral, it's just a subtle calming scent. This serum just sinks right into the skin. Giving it a few minutes to settle into my skin, I felt it really hydrating my skin. During night time, my skin really dries up and I tried a lot of moisturizers before settling for a moisturizing cream which is thicker in consistency and leaves my skin feeling hydrated throughout the night. The Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence does more to my skin than most moisturizers do. The morning after I used this product it made my skin look a lot brighter. After the second night of just using this product as a substitute for a moisturizer I found out that though really hydrating, it is not enough for my dry skin though it is a huge help. The second morning after using the product, though my skin looked fresher than it usually does when I wake up, my skin was so dry. I decided to just incorporate the serum into my old skin care routine - wash my face, spritz my beloved LUSH Tea Tree Toner, letting it sink for a minute, apply the Jasmine 3D Whipping Serum, apply eye cream and leaving both alone for a good 30 minutes and then apply my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for maximum skin hydration.

The results are amazing and I'm happy to say that this routine works quite well for me since I started a week ago. Even with just a bare face I get comments from family members and friends that my skin looks brighter and healthier. I haven't broken out either which was quite a surprise because it's that time of the month where I should be having some hormonal breakouts.

I have really been enjoying this product as part of my routine and will continue to do so until I run out of it. Would I repurchase it? Most likely. I don't know exactly how much this product is because I have seen various prices online. In eBay, Korean sellers price it between $20-30 but I have also seen that it is sold in Amazon for $90! Ninety dollars is a lot if you ask me, and I'm not sure if I would like to invest that much in this product; it is almost the same price of high end brand serums like Lancome Genefique, which retails for $82 for the same amount of product. I would have to ask how much this really costs and if it is something between the 20-30 dollar mark I would certainly buy this.

I hope you enjoyed this review of mine, you can also go ahead check out Kim's (another BNTGirl) take on this product. :)

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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