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3CE: 3 Concept Eyes One Color Shadow in #SATURN Review

The perfect fall shadow is here! 

Another one of the items in my BNT Beauty box from BNTNews International is this lovely eyeshadow from Stylenanda 3Concept Eyes. This shadow is in the shade #Saturn, a rich burgundy/cranberry shade. Its a warm red with pink and gold undertones with a shimmer finish.

Let's start off with the packaging. I absolutely love the 3CE packaging. It's simple and very similar to most of the eyeshadows available in the market particularly MAC's. However with this one, you get so much more product! Each eyeshadow pan contains 3.5g of product whereas MAC eyeshadows are 1.5g each. This eyeshadow is comparable in size to most blushes in the market.

The eyeshadow itself is highly pigmented. It swatches great with or without a primer. This eyeshadow is so smooth and very easy to blend out. Through playing with this shadow, I found out that the best way to achieve maximum color pay off from this shadow is by using your fingers or by using natural  bristled brushes rather than using synthetic ones. No need to worry about the staying power either since I tried wearing this without a primer and I didn't notice any fading even after more than 8 hours. I haven't experienced any fall outs from this shadow too which I primarily believe is because that it is a tightly packed product. It is not as soft or as buttery as Urban Decay shadows but is still of high quality.

It's always a must to remember that using red or pink shadows will make your eyes look swollen, so be careful. I had a fun time looking for great shadow combinations for #Saturn. Gold, warm brown shadows, and corals look great with it. In my previous makeup look using this shadow, you might notice that I used Urban Decay eyeshadow in Smog which is a warm brown shadow with gold undertones that really complimented #Saturn. 

For those ladies daring enough to wear this eyeshadow on it's own, I would recommend having a matte cream highlight for the brow bone and focusing the shadow #Saturn on just the lid, dragging a bit of the shadow a little past the outer corner of your eye and make nice winged shape. Also blend out the edges well so that there are no harsh line. More importantly, line your eyes with a brown gel or pencil liner and smudge it out to soften the look. Since you're wearing this eyeshadow on it's own, make sure to put mascara (preferably a brown-black shade) on your bottom lashes so that it will balance the whole look.

There are 8 other shades in the 3CE One Color Shadow shimmer finish collection. The shades are the following: #Cowboy, #Elice, #May Blossom, #Pearly Brown, #Rock Star, #Sand Beach, #Urban Girls and #Uranus. I don't know why they named all shadows with a hash tag but it's pretty cool.  They also have other finishes, matte, luster and sparkling.

To sum it all up, Stylenanda 3Concept Eyes One Color Shadow is a hit! It is a highly pigmented shadow whose quality is up to par with other high end eyeshadows. You get a lot of product in each pan for the price of $12.11. For me, it is the perfect fall color.

This product is available at the Stylenanda website. Drop by and check out the other beautiful shades.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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  1. whooaaa I was not expecting these products to be soo pigmented! I always thought of the StyleNanda makeup to be similar to like Forever 21 makeup (not good quality), but this is seriously impressive! I'm definitely going to be placing a few makeup items in my cart next time I'm shopping on the site!

    1. They are really of high quality. They are similar to MAC makeup. That is the closest brand that I could compare it to. :)

  2. I like the colour & I like that it's so pigmented which is always a big plus :)
    Thanks for your visit- I follow back via gfc #659. xx


  3. Followed you back sweetie!
    Keep in touch!


  4. Woa, crazy pigmented! I don't know if I could pull off such a strong colour, but it sure looks good


    1. It does look crazy and I was quite hesitant at first to try it out too but you never know until you try. ;)

  5. I like the color,so lovely!

    Thank you for commenting in my blog,your blog is wonderful :)

  6. Woww. Effect of this eyeshadows are beautiful! Maybe you show this colour on your eyes ? :P I follow you :) I hope you will follow me too ;)

    1. Hi Nevis, will absolutely check out your blog and follow you too. I actually did make a makeup look using this eyeshadow. You can check out this Transition into Fall:Cranberry Eyes and Pink Lips


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