Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lonjure Lashes Review + Giveaway!

Hello lovely readers! Falsies time! Yep, I am going to do a false lashes review today from the company called Lonjure Lashes.

Disclaimer: These lashes were sent for review and I am going to give my own take on these with all honesty and give credit where they're due. 

Starting off with the packaging, it is very simple, nothing really too special about it and no complaints about it either except for one thing - I wish they had names of the lash styles on the box. The lash numbers were on the inside packaging and you can't see the lash numbers unless you open it and I had to open each and every one of the lashes to determine which style they were. 

The lashes are made from both synthetic and human hair. I think that the simple lash styles are made from human hair and the styles that are more complicated are made from synthetic hair - I believe that is what their Volume Collection is made of. 

Lonjure lashes has three collections of lashes out: The Length Collection, Natural Collection and the Volume Collection. Each collection has four styles in it. 

For the Length Collection, they have L1 - Reverie, L2 - FlawlessL3 - Climax and L4 - Vanity. I actually have 3 out of 4 of them so check out the link for L3 - Climax for the picture. 

L1 - Reverie

L2 - Flawless

 L4 - Vanity

The Natural Collection has N1 - Timeless, N2 -Angel,  N3 - Captivate and  N4 - Star Crossed.

N2 - Angel 

N3 - Captivate

N4 - Star Crossed

The Volume Collection is overly dramatic for my taste and use but they are very beautiful. I only have one from this collection but do check out the links for the photos of the other lashes. They have V1 - Vixen, V2 - Show Stopper, V3 - Beloved, and V4 - Enchantress.

V1 - Vixen

I have used some of the lashes on spring makeup looks so watch out for those blog posts. I'll also include a small review on whatever lashes that were used on the look. All of the lashes that I have tried so far are really of good quality. They wear really well throughout the day. The bands on the lashes are okay-thin. They are not as thin as some of the more expensive brands on the market but they are comfortable and applies easily with a great lash glue of course. Since these are of really good quality, I had no problem cleaning the ones I have used and these lashes can definitely be reused. Each pair of lashes cost $3.74 and for the quality I think that's a pretty good price. The company offers free shipping on US orders for purchases of $35 and over. You can head over to Lonjure.com to get the lashes. 

As for the size of these lashes, I definitely did a little trimming on the lashes I used since my eyes are pretty small (don't be fooled by the lenses and makeup! lol ^^). I love all the styles that I picked out to try and as I said above, they do have 4 styles in each collection but I hope they come out with more styles to choose from.

Among the collections, I really love the style and the looks of the lashes in the Length Collection. When I was picking out the lashes I thought I would be more partial to the lashes in the Natural Collection since I like the more natural look but the lashes from the length collection was more flattering and in some way looks a kinda natural too.

Thanks Nancy K. of Lonjure for giving me the opportunity to review the lashes and giving me some extras well! So as a thank you to all readers, I will be including 2 pairs of  Lonjure lashes in the 2 giveaways I am currently having!!! Please head on to Giveaway 1 & Giveaway 2.

I hope you like this review and please do check out Lonjure Lashes and enter my giveaways! :)


  1. Where did you buy them? From their website, or are they available in stores? :)


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