Friday, September 14, 2012

Subtle Edgy Coral Nails

I've been loving simple nail arts lately and I'm still rocking summer hues even though summer is basically over. Well, who cares as long as I'm wearing it? :) 

Here's a simple, subtle edgy nail art. 

Coral nail lacquer from Love & Beauty, accented by a black with fine fuchsia glitter polish also from Love & Beauty. I used tape in order to get a really clean finish for the triangle and topped everything with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails top coat. 


  1. This is a pretty color! I have seen f21 polishes but havent tried any yet, i guess i should soooon :P

  2. This looks great! I like the colour of the nail varnish and the triangle looks cooool!

  3. I love coral!! It is such a nice colour and nice detail with the black, it gives it just that little extra.



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