Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Promise Ring

Want to hear a little about my love story? Keep on reading...

Almost 2 years ago during the time when I was feeling lost after a break up and in the middle of the Masskara Festival, our city Mardi Gras, I met a guy that has changed my life completely. We were two complete strangers that met after a couple of text messages were exchanged who based each others' looks upon our Facebook profile pictures. It was crowded when we met. The street party was in full swing for the festival. By the end of the night I was hooked to him and we started going out after that. 

That happened October of 2010. A month later we officially got together. After only five months of being wonderfully in love, I had to leave him. There was nothing we could do except stay strong with the belief that our love was stronger than the distance and time apart. It was very, very hard on both of us. We struggled through the time difference and through some misunderstandings but we managed to get past it. I have never been a believer of long distance relationships but his love for me was so great that even though we were miles apart, only bound by our hearts and the wonders of technology, I could feel it. 

He made me believe that true love can and will wait for you. He made me believe that not all guys are jerks and plays with women's hearts. He is such a romantic and he would do anything for me. He protects me and take care of me and goes mad with worry for me. 

When I came home this summer after more than a year of long distance relationship, he made a promise that I know no other guy would be able to keep except him. He promised to be by my side forever. He promised that he would take care of me and that he would marry me on the right time. I know that those were not just empty promises. We both don't like promises that we can't keep so I know that he won't leave me. 

Giving you this ring makes me so proud thinking that you're the one... giving this ring is another step for us.... I don't have any regrets babe... Giving you this ring and posting it publicly, doesn't make me ashamed of what I'm doing because all of this is for real... I love you.. forever...

For the curious ones, it's not a really expensive ring. I believe that it doesn't matter how expensive or how cheap the things another person gives you, it's really the thought that counts. It's a Pandora silver ring with a grey moonstone.

Yes, our relationship can still be considered young, only nearing it's second year, but I've seen how years of long-term serious relationships fail. I've been in one before too and this one is so different from that one. As much as we like to be together now, we know that it isn't the right time for us. We are not rushing anything. Though long distance is hard and that we had to be back at it again, I know us being together again will be worth the wait. :)

Be inspired: love. 

PS:  I used to write about our love story in more detail... for those who wants to read it: Chapter1Chapter2 <3


  1. OMG! u really the happy girl in the planet right nooow :) god does work things in many way just like how you meet you lover boy. n i wish you guys all the best n enjoy you holiday at philipine1 :) welcome bacck sweetie. ^^

  2. Awwww this is so adorable! I love reading true love stories and I wish you both the best in life =)

  3. This is SO ADORABLE!!!! I love this post!! And it doesn't matter how expensive the ring is, it's the true meaning behind it. Being apart does test out any relationship & if through all the goods & bads, you guys are still together, then it was all worth it! Best wishes & believe in your relationship :)

  4. omg thats sooo lovely wish u happiness together <3

  5. This is absolutely adorable, I wish you both all the best!

  6. had a smile on my face while reading this post. I guess it's really true. Good things comes to those who wait. So I'll wait for my own prince charming to come but knowing my luck he's probably stuck in the forest, lost in his stupidity. How I wish cupid will strike an arrow to lead him to me quickly. haha. Wishful thinking? Perhaps but dreams do come true. :D

    1. I used to think the same thing.... that my one true love was stuck somewhere and he couldn't find me. And now we found each other. Don't worry too much about him. I'm sure he'll come. :)

  7. Awww this is such a sweet post :) Wishin you all the best!

  8. Congratulations! You're right. It doesn't to be expensive. What matters most is the sincerity of the person who gave you this. =)

  9. Very sweet.. I'm so happy for you! The ring is absolutely beautiful!

    xo Marie


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